how to calculate service tax and vat for Under Construction apartments or flats in bangalore?

If You are Looking for an Under Construction Apartment or Flats you will always be asked to Pay Service Tax & VAT ,How do You Calculate the Taxes are Given Below:

1.Service Tax is Calculated 12.3% of the 40% Portion of the Total Cost ex: Basic Cost = 30,00,000/- and other Charges is Say = 5,00,000/- so now 40% of 35,00,000/- is 14,00,000/- know apply 12.3% Service Tax on this Amount
2.VAT it is 5% on Total Value , i,e = 35,00,000/- .
The Best way to Calculate Service Tax & Vat is 9.5% of Total Cost Rather Getting Confused Yourself.

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