Aircraaft Employes “Hosing Socitey Forges BDA Official Signaures

The Aircraft Employees’ HBCS (AEHBCS). The society has allegedly forged the signature of a BDA official and fabricated documents to sell sites illegally.

An RTI reply from the BDA shows that AEHBCS office-bearers, whose members are employees of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), have deliberately forged the signature of a BDA official and affixed the official seal of the agency.

In reply to the RTI query, the BDA said: “Sites bearing numbers 90/B, 108/E, 1633, 1642/B, 1643/B, 1993, 2060 and 2224/A haven’t been released to the society. The office-bearers of the said society might have fabricated the documents.” The Times of India has a copy of the RTI reply.

The government, between 1984 and 1986, acquired 324 acres and 30 guntas of land in Singasandra village, Begur Hobli, for AEHBCS. The society’s plan to form a layout was approved by the agency in 1992.

However, in 2011, the BDA approved a modified plan for the same layout. As per that, it was to release sites based on the relinquishment deed of civic amenity (CA) sites executed by the society.

“According to the modified plan, we were to release sites as per the society’s request, after the CA sites were handed over to us,” a BDA official explained.

In keeping with this, the society requested for the release of 36 sites on February 16, 2012. The BDA released the same on February 18, 2012. “Following this, office-bearers of the society forged the signature of one of our officials, affixed the official seal to show that additional eight sites were also released by the BDA. However, our records are clear. We only released 36 sites after taking possession of the required CA sites. We haven’t released the additional eight ones,” a source pointed out.

Action will be taken: BDA chief

BDA commissioner Sham Bhat, while terming the action inacceptable, promised to probe the matter. “Appropriate action will be taken against the violators,” he said.

I’ll probe: society president

The president of the society, who identified himself as Devaraj, said: “I haven’t come across any such issue. But at the outset I believe that the office-bearers wouldn’t have indulged in such an act. I will, however, serve notices and conduct an inquiry. If the probe finds any evidence to prove BDA’s allegation, then action, including legal, will be taken against the violators, and the sale deeds will be cancelled.”

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