Akrama Sakrama to Start in March and Boost Real Estate in Bengaluru

Defining Akarma Sakarma
It is quite shocking to know that around eighty percent of the buildings constructed in Bengaluru are illegal, as the builders have violated the law in some or the other way. However, the state government initiated the scheme better known as Akarma Sakarma to regularize the unauthorized buildings of the city. Akarma Sakarma is actually another name for Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act , which was introduced in the year 2013 by the then BJP Government ruling the state.  The government decided to regularize the plans by October 19 2013. In fact, this bill had been pending for several years before getting the final nod or approval of the Government.
The major aim of introducing this scheme in the state was to legalize the illegal buildings and constructions so that there was an overall enhancement of real estate business. This would bring a boost in the property market as more people would be interested in purchasing own apartments.  Indeed, it is a one-time regularisation of a whole gamut of byelaws dealing with building and construction. Moreover, it also focused on changes brought about in land use in urban areas. However, its implementations were going to have a direct impact on the citizens. 
Nevertheless, the road leading to introduction of the scheme was not very simple and had several hurdles on the way. One of the biggest obstacles was the fact that even after getting the approval from the legislative assembly, the Governor had rejected it citing different reasons. However, after almost three years of dilly-dallying, he finally agreed to give his assent to the bill but with certain riders. In his reply to a question, the State Transport Minister said that since the governor had accepted the bill, the government was planning to seek a legal opinion before constituting a committee to draft the Bill again and introduce it in the assembly.
Some positive aspects of the Akarma Sakarma Scheme
Although there has been much debate over the introduction of Akarma Sakarma, bill so much so that Mr C N Kumar a resident of Jayanagar had filed an application in the Karnataka High Court challenging its legality. However, the Akarma Sakarma Scheme had some positive aspects as well, which are as follows-
All residential as well as commercial buildings constructed up to 19 October 2013 having deviations will be legalised located in the BBMP area.
The builder has to pay only a penalty of about six percent to the government in the case of residential buildings after which no legal action would be taken against the violation of the law. The penalty for the commercial building is about twenty percent. This allows them to continue their business smoothly without any legal hindrance whatsoever.
The residents staying in those particular residential buildings or those operating their businesses from commercial buildings will not have to shift to another place for residing in an unauthorized building.
According to the clause of the residential complexes with fifty percent deviations shall be regularized.  In the case of commercial buildings, the percentage of deviation is about twenty-five.
Hence, it can be said that the Akarma Sakarma Scheme was introduced to safeguard the interest of the builders and the common people residing in those buildings. The Buyers have to apply for the scheme by filling the application. The last date of application is March 22, 2015 after which, the State Government will start accepting the applications from the very next day i.e. March 23, 2015.

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