How can BNI Help Real Estate Business Grow

What is BNI :  Business Network International

It is a Network of People’s Organization having there business in various different Fields Like for Ex: A Company or an Individual having business of Offsite Printing , another person having a Business of Real Estate Marketing ,then a person or an organization having Business of Interiors ,A Business of Software Development ,A Business of Website Development , A Business of Supply of CCTV ,various different products from real estate.
  • Now taking the Above Examples Can a Real Estate Marketing Organization take advantage of Offsite Printing (YES)
  • Can a Interior Designer Take help from Marketing Organization (YES)
  • Can a Software Developer or his Friends be a Client   for Real Estate Marketing Organization (Yes)
  • Can a Builder or a Developer take the help of Website Development (YES)

Like I have mentioned in the above there are various different Categories of Business People   who can help each other in Generating Business .

I attended the Meeting of BNI this Morning Dated : 19-03-2015 and really saw the members sharing the referrals and helping each other in Generating Business which in 30 Mins of Get together Meeting Amount to Rs.85 Lacs, Some one got Rs.5000/- Business and some one else a Business of 25,000/- and not to forget one busness person got a busness of Rs 40 Lacs Alone where he is not paying any commission or Incentives  .

If any one is Interested Kindly Get in Touch with Mr.Karan Bindal : 9449826008

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