Facebook User Post on Bengaluru Traffic Police goes Viral

The Above Traffic Police from Bengaluru – Malleshwaram Location Using a Mobile while Driving a Two Wheeler on Duty , Snap Taken by a Facebook User and Posted in Facebook has gone viral and public demands action the taraffic police ,
The Post on the Above Bengaluru Traffic Police in Facebook is as Below:
Vehicle Number : KA 03 G 704
Violation Type : Using Mobile Phone While Riding
Location : Malleshwaram
Time : 22 April 2015 10:30 am
Public Eye Complaint Number : 20975
Bengaluru Traffic Police : Will u Take an Action??

Over 4500 People Shared the Post and 6000 plus Likes have been generated so far.

Status of complaint on official Bangalore Traffic police website:

Vehicle Reg No. :  
Violation Type :  
Public Remarks :  
a traffic police using mobile while riding
Complaint Received Date :  
Violation Date :  
22-Apr-2015 10:30
Complaint Booking Status :  
Violation complaint is booked.

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