3 Important Things You Must Consider Before Buying an Apartment

3 Important Things You Must Consider Before Buying an Apartment
Are you looking for buying a new home, flat or apartment? Just before purchasing an apartment, the buyer should focus on certain things which are significant to consider about. These important facts include budget, location and facilities among others.  Apartment living is known as lifestyle choice. It really doesn’t matter, whether you are buying an apartment for your personal use or even it is a simple investment, there are several key points that you should consider before signing the final document and making the payment.
Legal: if you are interested in investing in real estate, there are lots of legal points, you should consider. Have a look on some important points:
·         Is it registered Deed; you should make sure about the owner of the land.
·         Owner has accurate to put together and sell apartment.
·         You should collect information about the builder who has completed the construction work of the apartment or is doing the construction.  It is important to know whether the structure of the building is approved or not.
·         Construction and structure of the building should be as per authorized sanction plan
·         You should take copies of all sale deeds of past owners of the land.
·         Check if any Bank has approved the Project.
·         Building approval plan: A building plan is sanctioned by the authority without which the construction of the building is unauthorized. However, the authorities approve a building endorsement plan supported on the zonal categorization, floor area ratio (FAR), road width, and plot depth. Few papers are necessary to be submitted by the landlord or the builder in order to attain a building endorsement plan. The documents comprise Title Deed, property assessment extract, property PID number, city survey sketch, advanced tax paid receipt, previous sanctioned plans, property drawings, 2 copies of demand drafts, foundation certificate and a land use certificate issued by the competent authority.
Builders Profile
As an active buyer, you should consider the profile of the builders. There are lots of builders in the market handling their online websites. It is really easy to check out their profile and testimonials of the customers online and also check if the builder has completed any projects in past and check for feedback preferably in the same locality.
Apartment Location: Despite of building style, the site is the most significant issue when it comes to purchasing any real estate either you are buying a home or an apartment or a component. The major quality of place is that the property is secure to transport, it is ideally connected with train, bus and taxi. It is equally important that the location is also near to the Work Place, restaurants, parks etc, Apartments should be well attached with various lifestyle facilities or amenities.
Apartment Position
The top floor is normally found as the prized site of an apartment block, but keep in mind that entry to your apartment will also play significant role. If you are choosing the top floor and there is no lift offered at the building, then choosing the 4th floor might not be considered as a good option as climbing the stairs everyday can be tiring task for you!
The quality of material used in the building construction: it is important to perform a right checking of the building but before performing them, some preliminary checks ensures will assist to find out whether the selected apartment is ideal for you. Is the apartment selected is well constructed and is by a quality builder or developer? Does it have pleasant setting, a security method? You should be capable to decide the essential quality of the apartment obstruct by its basic look, but also make sure to see what it is build with like for example the brick used in it, the Sand used for construction, the quality of cement used etc…
Aspect: it is better to choose north, east or west direction homes as it comes with various benefits. You can look ahead with more natural light into your apartment and also follows the vaastu guidelines.

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