How can you get a flat below rs.3500 per sft in Bengaluru inc of registation??

Hi Guys , I have been in real estate Bengaluru market since 2010 and have done some calculations considering Buyers benifit as well as Builders .
My calculations go as below:
I apreciate your requirement ,a small advice – a Costruction cost per sft in bangalore works out to rs. 1800/- to rs.2000/- going by this a 1000 SFT will cost You rs.18 lac to 20 lacs did you forget the land cost .even if land cost is rs.500 per sft the flat cost arrives on to rs 23 lacs to rs.25 lacs what about the service tax & vat did you foget this cost , add rs.200. As service tax & vat to it on lowest possible calculations now the flat cost is 25 lacs to 27 lacs , add another 5 lacs for car parking , BWSSB , Bescom Deposits , flat cost arrives to Rs. 30 lacs to 32 lacs , Not again you forget builders admistration cost like marketing expences , other salaries , fuel expences , bank interests , etc ill add just another 10% Fixed Bank Deposit interest to it Now flat cost is b/w 33lacs to 35 lacs with out registration , Per SFT flat cost works for rs.3500/ sft with out registration , Think yourself how can you get a flat below rs.3500 per sft with registration, you may not find a 2 BHK in Bengaluru or out skirts of Bengaluru for your budget. If you get in your budget my sincere advice not to buy , I doublt some thing fissy on budget flats below rs.3500 per SFT.

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