Is Electronics City Industrial Township Authority (ELCITA) Doing Better Than BBMP?

Is Elcita Doing Better Than BBMP , BDA or BMRDA
BBMP has almost failed to look into the violations made by the land owners but Elcita or the Electronics City Industrial Township Authority has sprung into action with a new technology. Now it is really difficult5 for the land owners to violate the norms of buildings or skip any construction plans. Any illegalities also can be seen through a hawk eye now. 

A detailed survey is taken to create a database which has more information about the 903 acre land around electronics city. Building area, underground utilities, measurement of every property and measurements of roads in this area is clearly available in a topographical view in 2D or 3D. This will avoid the people to violate any rules and also deviate from the laws of BBMP.  According to the Karnataka Municipal act 1964, Elcita was created. This performs the functions of giving approvals for Khata and buildings. They also collect property tax in the area of Electronics city. This area has many tech companies and people working there try to buy houses around. 
There is a call for the companies which can take a detailed survey of the area. A tender is called for asset management and e- governance. The tender demands the contractor to develop a GIS compatible database for the  survey. The buildings will be shown in the maps with correct survey and measurements. The differential global positioning system helps in getting flawless drawings in 2D or 3D. The tracks, drainages, utilities and roads are clearly shown in this mapping. The built up property with the number of floors and the vacant land is clearly shown here. This mapping will give a clear picture of the built up area of individual buildings. These details can be tallied with KIADB or Karnataka Industrial Board. Thus, it is easy to know whether the property owners have violated any rules. The violation fees can be collected from the property owners with this data. 
Multi storied buildings are increasing in the Electronic city area and thus this action is very necessary here. Civic utilities and ownership problems can be solved clearly with these details. Many issues in left unsolved with BBMP and they are a chaos about it. Every such problem is to be solved by Elcita. The problems like property ownership or tax is easily solved now. Chief Minister Mr. Siddaramaiah is also aware about the issue of the property owners. He has told at one point that only about thirteen lakh property owners are promptly paid the taxes where there are about 20 lakh tax payers. 
BBMP has failed to collect the taxes and also look into the violation of rules by the property owners. Acute CEO Tama NS has stressed for the use of the database which can store all the utilities and buildings. The survey details are limited to the Electronics City Township. When there is an increase in the growth of the height of the buildings then this record in the database will help a lot. The state government has given authority for Elcita to collect taxes from phase I, II, III property owners. They should also provide the basic amenities to the citizens residing there.

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