Bengaluru Now Dreams Of The Blessings Of Urban Property Cards

Bengaluru  Now Dreams Of The Blessings Of Urban Property Cards
The dream of today becomes the reality tomorrow. The idea is sound, implementation terribly difficult, but Karnataka is sowing the seeds of what could become the new smart property revolution in Bengaluru . A property card just like the ATM card or the driving license in fact, compact and wallet friendly!  Convenient, isn’t it without the hassles of carrying so many different paper property documents? 

Can the property card be implemented on a massive scale on properties in Bengaluru  that number about 20 lakhs? Yes, why not, if it is done in phases. Once the decisions are made and approved by the bureaucracy and the powers that be, the process of tenders and work swinging into action may not take too long. Yet we are all used to the usual infinite delays, inefficiency and malpractice that have come to characterize the life that is India. Yet let us hope for the best in the interest of property owners in Bengaluru . 
According to estimates, Karnataka state owns 2.75 crores properties with 75 lakhs in rural areas. The 20 lakhs properties in Bengaluru  are occupied by 198 wards. Fifty wards are targets for the initial property cards exercise.   
What will the property card (urban property ownership record) be used for? 
·         Proof of registration of urban property, security and safety assured
·         Computerized details would check fraud dealings
·         The property card reflects type of ownership, boundaries and maps, liabilities, lease deed etc.
·         The property card would be used for selling and buying purposes
·         The property card does not replace khata that is a tax paid certificate
·         The property card will help settle property disputes cases as a valid document
·         It would be easy to avail land related services with the property card
The dream is getting closer to reality in Bengaluru  the dream garden city that went global with the software revolution. Hotels and resorts now share commercial space with multinational companies and luxury apartment housing blocks. Development at the peripheries is eating way at the lush countryside to accommodate more and more constructions and residents too in search of living dreams. 
The first phase of the UPOR project in Bengaluru  is taking off now after doing well in Shivamogga where the property card has become compulsory. The initial phase would deal with the fifty Bengaluru  wards and target about 5 lakh properties. The fifty wards are not finally selected yet. Two months time may be needed to select a surveying agency.
Though planned in 2013 the usual shortage of funds resulted in the delay. Yet Karnataka is the first government in the country to attempt the streamlining of urban properties. Munish Moudgil, commissioner, survey, settlement & land records was making the remarks that bring a lot of hope and goodwill to the usually harassed property owners. The property card would bring immense peace of mind by introducing transparency and a stable base for property transactions with all the benefits that technology brings.

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