Luxurious living in Bangalore a new Trend

Luxurious living in Bangalore
We know that while Mumbai is the financial capital of India, Bangalore ordains the throne of being the technological hub of the country. The throne is rightfully assigned to the city as the IT companies from all around the world are coming into the city and making their offices. The HNI clients are coming to this city as well. In short Bangalore has become the new paradise for these people and as a result of this IT boom the residential protects of the luxurious living are on the rise in Bangalore.

Of late the people of Bangalore have seen the launch of 35 new luxurious projects. In the 2013 the number was 18 whilst that has considerably increased in the last few months. The places of Bangalore are the dream places for the luxurious homes. The HNI, the NRI and the other affluent and wealthy people, including the celebs are flocking in these places and the neighborhood is flanked with the presence of such luminaries. The areas like Whitefield (West), JP Nagar, Kanakpura Road, Hosur Road, Sarjapur Road and Bannerghatta Road in the south are such places to name a few.
As expected the footfalls are increasing in the area that is in the proximity to the airport and the upcoming metro line of the city. As such the JP Nagar and the Kanakpura road can said to be on the boom for the qualities of the land area. The IT Park at Karle and the Manyata Tech Park have been the reasons for the aggravated IT boosts in the area and they are adding to the accessibility of Special Economic Zones which are known to govern enhanced employment and outlay of better chances along with catering to service needs.
The apartments designed in Bangalore are greatly inspired by the US and the Singapore styles. The places are known for the finesse of living and high class lifestyle. The lavish interiors of these apartments are the bets to be featured in any lifestyle magazine and can be said to dummy for the five class hotels. These apartments are thus the right connectivity to the global luxury living standards. 
There are many more amenities attached with the luxury rooms. They are Plush golf, gardens sprawling on several acres of land, personal pools, shopping hubs, exercise rooms, conference centers, schools, medical aids or even statement bathrooms and kitchens and many more to name a few. The imperial lifestyle of these residencies is just the king size of life experienced in the capitalist zone. 
These prestigious square feet cost Rs. 27,000-Rs.30,000 per sq. ft. on the Vittal Mallya Road while the Richmond Road and the Sankey road properties range between Rs.42,000 – Rs. 45,000.
The décor in the home are of the imported quality. These are the best of the flanking residences in Bangalore. The residencies ensure that the people living in them enjoy life to the brim. The money spent can be well enjoyed in these apartments. The added amenities are the assorted features that make residency Bangalore the best in the country.

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