Mumbai Based Builder Booked Refusing to Sell a Flat to Non Vegitarian

Anything Wrong With Being Muslim And Eating Meat? or Muslim Name Appeared in Contact Details of Advertisement.
The legality is questionable! An Advertisement in a Leading Real Estate Portal Displays the Name of Muslim Employee of Reputed Builder in Bengaluru as Contact Person for Sales Enquires , Owner of Real Estate Builder comments Sales Slow Down for his project is  Because of the Muslim Name but the biggest truth is the approval of Gram Panchayath has slowed down sales had been the same project with BDA Approval employee comments 30% sales would have happened by this time  , take another example below

Traditional India always had restrictions on who would be granted a rented house based upon religion, food habits. The owner would clearly indicate the type of tenant preferred like Hindu vegetarian service people when giving instructions to the real estate agent. Why ever not? Owners after all may have spent their life savings on construction and would be deemed to exercise their rights though the constitution does not approve.
While the owner could perhaps exercise such restrictions upon tenants, how can the sale of a flat impose such preferences? 
Section 153(b)(1)(B) of IPC opposes any move not conducive to national integration. Denying the sale of a flat in Mumbai to a non-vegetarian or meat eater is in gross violation, of course and rarely do such cases make it to the media. Vaibhav Rahate made the complaint against Rajesh Mehta and his staff Pankaj Mehta, who have been booked though no arrests have been made. It may be the first such case though one often wonders what unreported cases occur in the nooks and crannies of the mighty sub-continent that is India. 
The accusation is against Shrinathji Group after a member said to car dealer Rahate that their apartments are not sold to Muslims and Maharashtrians. Why? They are non-vegetarians and only the pure vegetarians qualify for their apartments!
Police have registered the case and claim to be investigating the matter. According to complainant Rahate the police took no action for 25 days. Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam protested at the Police Station after which Malad police started the proceedings.
Is this an isolated case of religious fundamentalism or are too many such instances hidden under the carpet or locked in cupboards? It appears that the basic instincts still rule humanity in spite of the claims we make in the name of civilization, one world and one religion. The Hindu-Muslim divide is one such instance that seems to have no solution. Though the communities live normally together on fraternal terms, terrible instances of violence do break out.
The fault lies in our genes and blood and bones after many generations grew up with the prejudice against the other race. The Mughals and then the horrors of the partition based on religion have left deep scars that probably cannot heal even with the solace of time. The global terrorism of the present only tilts the balance against the Muslim radical elements. 
And then the prejudice against meat eating! Though we would all wish that slaughter houses closed down and battle fields ended, it does appear that history repeats itself in a cyclic pattern. The idea of synthetic meat could solve such a dire problem.

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