Revenue official Files FIR on Real Estate builder; woman files counter-complaint

Who Is Innocent Or Guilty Is The Question For The Court 
Accusations and counter accusations are quite common in the daily life of a big city like Bangalore. Courts have their hands full but judgments are not fast food and take ages to be settled. 
What LC Nagaraju, Revenue Official, the builder and the builder’s wife have to say are not quite distinct and cannot be taken at face value. Battling it out personally may have its pitfalls and physical dangers are also at risk.
After he bought 2.2 acres of land at an auction in Kalkere village in Jigani hobli, at an auction, the builder met Nagaraju. He wished to obtain land conversion. The revenue official told him that a physical inspection would take place on 27 June and land conversion would have to wait until that date. The builder had a different agenda, presumably and wanted the land conversion done immediately. Since that was refused, the builder abused Nagaraju and his caste and attacked him too.
That is not all. A few hours later came the complaint by the builder’s wife. She charges Nagaraju with misbehaving with her during the 24 June meeting the builder had. She says that she was also in the office when the meeting happened and Nagaraju took the opportunity to misbehave with her. The revenue official had filed a complaint with the Ulsoor gate police earlier. 

Hope the Truth Comes to the public Who is Right and Who is Wrong………

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