STAIR SPACE – Smart storage under staircase

The space below the staircase can be utilised for storage or as a display area 

Maximising space with smart ideas that are innovative and useful is what homemakers are looking for these days. However, finding a solution that is utilitarian and attractive becomes an interesting challenge.
Most furniture these days is modular, incorporating some storage facility to maximise utility. Beds and sofas come with storage. Wood chests, apart from being decorative, allow you to store trinkets. Study tables come with cubbyholes and shelves for added storage.
Another alternative to maximise storage that will not bring in new furniture is the creation of storage in an odd space in the home, such as the area below the staircase.


Many home owners are efficiently utilising the space below the staircase and some of the space abutting the staircase to create an alcove. The area beneath the staircase is quite valuable when space is at a premium. There are many ideas on how to make the most of this otherwise lost space.


We could all use some extra storage space and the space under the stairs could be ideal for a variety of storage needs. This space can be used for concealed storage or for housing a TV cabinet if need be. Both are extremely practical and good options that are seen in most homes.


If the staircase has a high intermediate landing, then the space below can be considered for shelving. Built-in storage with shelves and drawers that will take care of the oddest cranny is the most basic way to utilise the space. For convenience, two cupboards can be built and the one with the highest point can be used to store unwieldy long coats or sports equipment such as golf clubs and cricket bats.All other knick-knacks can be stored in the various drawers and shelves in the re maining space. This idea works well when the stairwell runs behind a door or if the staircase is in a small area.


Having bookcases under the staircase are a good way to use space that would otherwise be wasted. Besides, you can also consider creating a niche activity space under the stairs. If your staircase faces the living room, you could have a music area or a bar. It can be a small home office, or even a small hobby or craft room.

If your staircase is located close to the utility area, it could serve as a convenient location for a small laundry room. If your staircase runs down into the front hallway, the area beneath could house a shoe rack. If it goes up to the bedroom, you could have a mini cabinet or a wardrobe under the stairs.


It could also serve as an efficient toy storage area for your children. For a toy storage area, find baskets, plastic tubs or bins of different sizes and then design shelving of different heights and widths to accommodate them.

Ensure that these storage spaces are both attractive and easy to access. It can be simply shelved out and left open, or covered as a com en, or covered as a com plete cupboard.


Shallow under-stair spaces fitted with shelves are ideal for displaying collections of attractive objects, such as glass or china.Put up open shelving or place precious collections behind glass.


If the staircase is in the dining room, consider having a superior quality wine storage cabinet below the stairs. Neat wood racks meant for wine bottles along with a temperature control mechanism will occupy little space as opposed to making a separate wine cellar. Smart shutters with glass can let you have a good view of your wine collection.
Ensure that the storage area decor matches with the theme in the rest of the home. You should paint it in the same shades as the walls and match any architectural trims and details such as handles and knobs.

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