The face and realization of BBMP restructuring exercise

The face and realization of BBMP restructuring exercise
The Bangalore Mahanagara Palike which is also known as the BMP was accommodating over 6.5 million population with 226 sq kms area. This population was combined with 7 City Municipal Corporations, 110 villages, 1 Town Municipal Corporation (TMC) from the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP). This is a unique thing which can develop the scope of BBMP.It can easily cover more than 800 sq kms and also prevailing more than 8.2 million citizens. According to the census of 2013, the population of Bengaluru, which is considered a conservation place is estimated over 15 million population by assuming a 50% growth rate. The record says that Bangalore developed more than 48% between 2001 to 2011. 

The main grounds for incorporation into BBMP were very poor controlling authority and extremely negligible infrastructure which is generally provisioning in the CMC / TMC and villages. That’s why once a case was made against this matter of integrating it with The Bangalore Mahanagara Palike. There you can find a great scope by which you can optimize expenditure and also make great efficiencies in service delivery through accessing the best resources centrally. In the year of 2007, the amalgamation activity concentrated on developing the physical boundaries that help developing the area as an adjacent urbanized area. There you cannot find any roadmap about the peri-urban areas because it turns into a progressively more urbanized within the coming years.
It is suggested that within this time period, if only 98 words will add to BMP to make it into BBMP, then it will be gotten with more improved conditions. Within these 7 years of time frame, there has been emerging a big gap with the expectation and the reality. Nowadays, the newer areas, mainly these 110 villages have turned into languish in terms of its basic infrastructure today. The controlling authority and service delivery advancement both have grown from this 2007 amalgamation activity. It demonstrates that continuous amalgamation into bigger municipalities is weak and unsustainable. 
Then the State Government has properly realized that there is a big requirement to locate the problem of Bangalore’s future governance as well as administration structure which was restructured to make the BBMP. There are various extensively held visions about this BBMP. One of them is, it has turned in extremely big and also unwieldy, which is very tough to control because this is a single Corporation. And due to this reason, the state of the infrastructure is now under a serious stress. 
It is one of the biggest geographical, urban areas which are controlled by the single Corporation in this nation. The BBMP is under a severe problem due to the proper amount of funds and also perfect experiences. BBMP has a centralized waste management practices which are taking now a toll on such framework and the nearby villages. 
There is a big distance found between elected representatives and the seat of power which has led negligence of various areas. Because it is extremely tough to reach for their voices and concerns to that area.  As a result, in September, 2014, the State Government made a committee of 3 members .They can easily restructure BBMP. But the time frame is extended till June 30, 2015, which is mainly done for submitting the Committee’s answer and recommendations.

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