When A Person Maintaining Law, Breaks The Law

When A Person Maintaining Law, Breaks The Law

For the first time, a municipal commissioner has issued an injunction order for his own building, to stop the demolition. This is the story of a building which was built with full view of the surrounding residents in Koramangala. A building with four storeys was built without following any bylaws in Kaveri Layout. When the residents could not find out who was the owner, they went to complain to BBMP. Assistant executive engineer of Koramangala S.H. Pujari received and no action was taken. The complaint was then given to the Upa Lokayukta office. A demolition order was given to the building. The injunction order is taken for not demolishing gave out the name of the building owner, it was S.H.Pujari himself.


The residents in Kaveri layout had been observing the building from the first day of construction. The building occupies the storm water drain and had not followed any rules in construction. When the complaint went to Apia Lokayukta, justice Subhash. B. Adi, he conducted a spot inspection. When he found that none of the rules was followed in the building construction, he ordered for demolition. But the assistant executive engineer took the injunction order for not demolishing revealed his name. The person who is responsible for the regulation of building construction himself violated the laws.

A resident who is a popular architect was the first person to find out that the building was violating the laws during construction. The residents had collected the information that plot number 20 which was 2,255 square feet belonged to Mr. Pujari. The construction of the building had started before 18 months. The column was placed on the edge of the drain. The first floor has increased its size and jest into the drain. With these hindrances, the drain cleaning machine is not accessible in the drain. This was the time the residents took action and tried to complain to BBMP but with no reaction they went to Upa Lokayukta. 

Whenever the residents complained to BBMP or A.E.E., Mr. Pujari, he just told them that he would come to inspect the property. There was no clue about the owner of the house. The neighboring house was disturbed by the building as there was no much set backspace between. The drainage running near this building will go further along the border of the land of the army, through Kaveri layout and then runs into Ballandur Lake. Justice Adi is very clear that he will get justice. Though the Plaintiff is an AEE and has the authority it does not mean to violate laws he added. The injunction order is taken and Mr. Pujari also attended some hearings also in Upa Lokayukta, where he was representing BBMP.

When Mr. Pujari was approached, he refused to agree that the property belonged to him. When Bangalore Mirror showed him the documents related to that property he plainly refused that there was any notice issued from Lokayukta. He just cut the conversation and told would get back.

The injunction order on April 23rd by the City Civil and Sessions court quotes to have issued completely against the defendant. There is no power for the defendant to demolish any part of the building. Defendant does not have any right to interfere in the rightful possession of the plaintiff.

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