A Dead Man Gets Plot Converted – A Loan Scam Supported By Government

A 100 crore rupees land is being grabbed by a dead man. This land is about 1.34 acre which was planned to be a park in Vijaya Bank Layout. This incident took place in Bannerghatta road, Bangalore.
According to the dead man’s wish, the Urban district administration of Bengaluru took the task seriously and changed the land into non-agricultural purpose. This land conversion was with the permission of the Urban Deputy Commissioner, V. Shankar who is an IAS officer selected personally by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. 
The residents of the layout saw that real estate agents started visiting the park frequently. VBEHCS (Vijaya Bank Employees Housing Cooperative Society) realised this and told it to Bangalore Mirror. Ramakant Shetty was one of the residents who found that the realtors were taking surveys and making queries. Sensing something is going wrong the residents checked the government record and found out that the authorities had changed the records according to the civic site. 
Complaints were registered with Karnataka Lokayukta and Metropolitan Task Force from VBEHCS. The residents here are frightened that there is a plan of a skyscraper or a commercial complex in the park area. The residents are not much sure about the politician or any builder behind this foul play. But the whole system has turned corrupt from the village accountant to the deputy commissioner. The government is the real owner of the park and it is a civic amenity, was the united voice told by the residents to Bangalore Mirror.
Survey number 114/2 which was measuring about 1.34 acres was taken by the government from a land owner named Kudla Abaiyappa, in the year 1988. This very land was given to VBEHCS for making a layout for residents. There is a gazette notification also for this deed in 1988. The land owner had got the compensation for the same BDA made the deed also in the year 1994. The land owner died in the year 2001 and death certificate was also issued.
When the residents browsed the Bhoomi website they found that the name of Abaiyappa was mentioned as the owner of the land. Mutation certificate showed that the park was converted to non-agriculture purpose. The residents got the land documents through RTI and saw that the documents were changed as the land was in the name of Abbaiyappa.
The residents have accused in their complaint that the senior district administration officials were abusing the office for their economical gains.
When the urban DC Shankar was contacted, he tried to act ignorant about the matter. But Bangalore Mirror said that the signing authority was him and he just passed the issue saying that that was a mistake done by the lower officials. He also said that  the final order was passed after the report of the jurisdictional Tahsildhar.
He said that certain rules are followed when the land is converted. BDA and town planning authority will be contacted before any conversion. They have to respond as soon as they get the report. DC has to pass the order after the whole process is over.
Mr. Shankar said that as per the order of government in 2010 the tahsildar is liable for action if he has issued any wrong reports or mislead the administration. He said that he would look into the matter and if the tahsildar is found to have submitted any wrong report then necessary action would be taken against him.

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