Bangalore added among the technologically rich top 20 cities of the world

Bangalore added among the technologically rich top 20 cities of the world

As per a recent survey managed by the JLL (global famous property consultant named Jones Lang LaSalle), Bangalore has been ordained the rank of 12th in the list of the top 20 technologically rich cities of the world. The chairman of JLL in India Mr. Anuj Puri reports that Bangalore being ordained as the 12th of the world’s top 20 technologically rich cities has really started up the city’s prestige on the face of the world. The city momentum index is being carried every year, which is an annual survey of the global cities and this is the first time that any city of India has appeared in the same. The top three cities on the list are London, San Jose and the Beijing. The main factors that have boosted the performance of Bangalore in the survey are:

The investments made by various incorporation in the infrastructure building in the past years.The availability of the prime office spaces and the increase of the offices in recent years.

The great presence of the startups.
The eagerness of the companies renowned in the world to set up their business in this city.

As per the JLL this year they have added newer variables so that they can connect to the innovations of the competitiveness of the city. These new standards are taking the dynamism of the cities to new extents.

The strong growth in the economy of the city has been boosted due to the investment on the bus system and the rapid metro transport systems. There is also a skyscraping rise to the FDI and these have in turn made Bangalore one of the rising cities of the world.

The JLL adds that this high rise of the city of Bangalore has been catapulted due to the investments of the world known companies in the city. There is an increased office space demand in the city which means more and more companies are pouring in to invest and increase their business. This city is backing them up with ample man power and other technical resources.

That means ion the past years the city has made it prepared to accept the incoming traffic as the other growing cities of the world have done. The increase in the rental of the work spaces also reflects the fact that the demand of the prime work spaces has increased. These factors too had contributed to the decision of the surveyors that this city has attained the level to be included in the list of some of the most developed cities of the world.
This rank has not only aggravated the chance of newer openings and investments, but also has aggravated the prestige of India in front of the other countries of the world.

JLL reports that there has been a magnanimous increase in the demand for the spaces in Bangalore. The city has toppled down the other Asian cities in the demand for the spaces in office. The IT sector and the associated sector of the IT enabled services is increasing as well in the city. The office rents are increasing by 5 to 10%. The city would surmount to 12 million square-feet of office spaces in the year 2015-16.

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