Bengaluru Traffic Police – Lets Salute Him – A facebook Post

Bengaluru: we “Bangalore Real Estate News Portal”  received an update from one our reader to post the below news and honor the Traffic Police Men of Bengaluru “Venkatesh”
The Post Reads below let Salute him and share this news as much as possible. 
“Just 1 day back i visited a hospital at the heart of the city. I was waiting outside the hospital for the visiting hours to come to see a patient. At the same time I saw an ambulance reaching the hospitals emergency entry gate. I saw a traffic police in the ambulance along with a patient. The traffic police informed the hospital emergency team to admit the patient and settled the ambulance bill. After admitting the patient the traffic police was on call with one of the family members of the patient about him being admitted. Initially looking at the scene thought the patient would be a colleague or administrative staff of traffic police. Later on enquiry with the hospital security revealed that the patient had suffered a chest pain which happened to be a heart attack during peak hours and was driving a car. He stopped and asked the traffic police for assistance. Later the traffic police called an ambulance and escorted him to hospital,admitted,informed and hand overed the car key until one of the patient’s family member arrived. After further enquiry the patient was brought to the hospital at the right time and a little delay would have cost his life. Let us all salute this traffic police for his helpful act.

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