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 a real estate agent is a person who is used as a professional to facilitate the purchasing of real estate.  This person is professionally instrumental that they can easily connect to the purchaser with the seller of a property.  Moreover, there are many real estate agents who also manage rentals that they work as a middle man between tenants to landlords and on behalf of the landlord they also supervise the maintenance of the property. In all most all-region, real estate agents are needed to be licensed, highly educated, and also regulated by a governing body. 

In this modern real estate market, they ought to search for various types of things like inventory, build contacts, collaborate with fellow real estate agents, chase clients, they are the best connection between frustrated sellers and desperate purchaser, and against all of the work, they get a decent commission in the process. 
So that it is true that the real estate agent has to deal with different types of real estate related work. Pallav Pandey, who is the CEO of the BroEx, watched the matter thoroughly that these Real Estate Agents required a good network with other real estate agents. They also required very fast access to inventory, also have to stay well aware of all the development of this and maintain a reliable communication channel.
Then Mr.Pallav thought about the idea of a mobile app which can make the life of real estate agent easier and took a decision to develop a unique app, and then the birth of BroEx, the short form is “broker Exchange” which Mr.Pallav has co-founded. Another co-founder of this company is Mukul Kumar. This application helps the real estate agents are all aspects, they can boost the deal faster and can get customers.
Most of the real estate agent has been generally utilizing some of the basic tools of communication like Facebook, Whatsapp to communicate their customer, but they need far developed technology. BroEx works very efficiently in this space, offering the person a high technology by which they can reach further and also close faster. 
Co Founder says that BroEx is one of the quickest as well as the largest broker network in India. This is totally different from other similar apps. BroEx plays a great role on the real estate agents platform; it can help in collaborating which is the main need of real estate brokers/Agents and also organize some of the under construction markets of real estate.
There are a huge number of individuals who work in the real estate industry, the amount is more than 5 lakhs across the country. BroEx, one of the best apps for the real estate platform is available in Google play store and iOS platform and it has more than 25,000 registered real estate agents. Founders are extremely confident about the apps Success in short Future. 
Here are the features of the apps like-
    Chat with the interested broker
    Get to know brokers/Agents beyond the current circle
    Reference checks from your close associates before dealing
    List all your inventory in one place and keep it updated
    Know Freshness about listing
    Filter with options like Vaastu, power backup, Etc…
BroEx has focused on the real estate agent community in all over India. The Development team of this Apps has witnessed far bigger downloads as well as adoption than they had initially experienced. They said that presently more than 25000 agents and growing at a pace of 50 – 100 agents per day use this app and the amount is expected to double within one month!
The Ceo “Mr.Pallav Pandey” had indeed visited the IT City Of India “Bengaluru” had one to one Discussions with Local Real Estate Agents in Bengaluru in order to improve the Broex App by taking the valuable Feedback and also had an Interview with us.

Broex App can be Download here 

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