Content Writing – Choice, scope and future.

Hey Guys what is the title doing here in Real Estate News Blog well this for the Content Writers in General but definitely of great use for some one to take up  Content Writing Jobs in Real Estate Domain and make a career , below is the article from one of our Author :Rishi Raj Menon from Bengaluru working for An IT Company taking up Content Writing Jobs for some Extra Bugs .

Content Writing – Choice, scope and future.

A recent chat with a fellow traveler, while I was on a small vacation to rejuvenate my grey cells made me sit up and think of how to define my job profile. A simple “I am a Content Writer” usually gets me a confused or an extremely blank look. Going into the details and explaining the nature of work made me understand that Content Writing, at least in our country is in a very nascent stage with not many people being aware of it.

It is keeping all those potential writers out there, a few of them who might lose out on the opportunity to showcase their talent I decided to write on the varied choices, scope and satisfying future an aspiring content writer can have in this webbed world.

Though not in the least the most descriptive title, a Content Writer’s profile needs to be as open and adaptable as possible.  The simple reason being a Content Writer dons the role of someone who aims at simplicity and does not make his readers toil and sweat to understand what he is trying to say.

Is this for me?
We are currently living in an Info Age, where with just a click of a button data of any kind and form can be procured, making life easy and simple. So if you are not from the Neanderthal ages and have a working knowledge of a computer, the Internet and are fairly good with language skills (not the computing ones), welcome to the world of content writing.

So now that you have decided to foray into content writing, which type would be your style? Yes you got it right; there are varied forms of content writing. Let us talk about a few that are the most popular.

  Web Content Writing:
This form of writing is mainly aimed at crafting content for a particular web page. This can be a Company website where you write about the company, services offered by it and more. This is usually a very formal toned writing.  Churning out content for blogs, forums or social media platforms is another form of Web Content Writing, which has a more relaxed and informal tone.

    Technical Writing:
Technical content writing involves both designing and producing technical documents and is usually used in the technical sectors. These documents can be installation manuals, quick reference guides, user manuals and more.

While undertaking Technical Writing, one need not be very creative as this form of content writing is all about explaining highly technical concepts, procedures or products in simple, easy and plain clear terms that even a layman can understand. However, there are some jobs where such content is aimed solely for a technical audience and hence the knowledge of the technical jargon as well as know how would be an added advantage.

    Academic Writing:
This form is all about study and in-depth analysis of a given subject. In case you choose to undertake this form of writing, it would include content in the form of paper presentations, essays, thesis, question banks and analyses.

    Press Releases:
Found mainly in the offline mode of media, Press releases are also slowly but surely percolating into the online main stream and usually involves writing about the recent achievements of a company. The two primary objectives of press releases are
1.    Inform the world about recent developments of the company.
2.    Create a constructive brand image of the company in question.

    Writing Reviews:
Please raise your hands if you are one of those who read numerous reviews and opinions before buying a product or availing a service. I am one of them . Aaha! I see quite a few hands up. I am sure then you are aware of this style of writing. Here you help potential buyers zero in and decide on a product or a service whether to buy / avail a product / service. Depending on the project that you take up, this form of content writing   can be biased and unbiased.

    Travel Blogging / Writing:
Perhaps the most expressive and elaborate form of writing (after fiction), Travel Blogging is for those lucky people who have been bitten by the travel bug, who with or without much financial planning, just backpack and globe trot.
This purely and solely focuses on locations, that can be well known, exotic or ones that should be on a person’s must-go list before he dies. This form of writing should also include pictures so that it can help people plan their trip. 

Trust me when I say, the aforementioned styles of content are only a few examples, and lots more can be created if you have the imagination.

I am interested. Where can I find such jobs?
Now that I have intrigued all you Wordsmiths eager to punch those keys on your laptop’s keypad, let me tell you where can one find a job for a content writer. However, a point to be noted with extreme care is that it may require some effort from your part, or if I may, in fact a lot of it.

Being a fresher you must be willing to spend considerable time and have an inclination to learn and adapt in this trade.  Below are a few sites that offer decent remuneration based on your work. A few of them are like third party mediators who connect you to your potential clients. Here you submit your work to the client, with the website charging a small fee for the service.
a.    Elance.
b.    Upwork
c.    Guru
d.    Peopleperhour

Google for “Content Writing Jobs” and you would find a lot of options. A word of caution though, ensure you are listed on genuine sites (a few have been mentioned above) who have a set of rules and regulations both for the writer as well as the client in case either of them is wronged.

What is the scope for Content Writers?
I am glad you asked me that. Look out of the window, do you not see the billboards, the email you just got from Shoppers Stop, the message on your phone about the bonanza sale at your nearest Puma Store?

It is all but content.

Be it offline or online from the time man has learned to express his thoughts in words, Content has been there and is here to stay.

The scope for content writers is immense in this digital era. Highlighting some of them:
    A Content Writer can offer services to write SEO content like blogs, writing articles to help client climb up the Google page ranking.
    Digital marketing, e-commerce websites, social media content creation can be another area where a content writer can pen his future.
    With experience, a content writer can also branch out to editing and proof reading for clients.
    Reputation Management on various social media sites can be another lucrative area, which can be looked into. Here one needs to ensure proper and visible online presence for the client.
    Working on ad campaigns, creating brochures and writing press releases can be another area that can be worked on both online as well as offline platforms.

Is it a bed full of Roses for a Content Writer?
You seem not to have held a rose properly. Did the thorns of the flower not sting you? No, it is not always sunshine for a Content Writer. It is as difficult and competitive as any other career. So why choose this? Content Writing is for those who are keen on a marriage of creativity with the digital media marketing. You are a researcher, writer, editor, designer and an SEO expert all rolled into one.

Now tell me which Job Profile would offer you so many roles under one title and still let you be your own boss

Expressing oneself in words is an art. So why not be that artist, and gear up to drive away on the super highway of content.

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