June 2018

Real Estate De Goa

Real Estate De Goa is a blogmentry forum where the no. 1 real estate blogger in India, Farhan, will address current real estate market issues with both home buyers and real estate sellers. The forum is active on Whatsapp and website www.charteredblogger.com that will cover the frequently asked questions from real estate buyers and sellers. It is a platform where home buyers can ask questions and doubts...

Tumkur Road being the New West Bengaluru

In the recent years, Bengaluru is emerging as one of the fastest growing cities in India and this can be attributed to various factors including the increase in the number of MNC companies, Metro Rail, pleasant weather and much more. As there is a lot of IT and ITES companies located in Bengaluru, it attracts a lot of migrant population. The city also provides many amenities and has a lot of green cover,...

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