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Real Estate De Goa is a blogmentry forum where the no. 1 real estate blogger in India, Farhan, will address current real estate market issues with both home buyers and real estate sellers. The forum is active on Whatsapp and website that will cover the frequently asked questions from real estate buyers and sellers. It is a platform where home buyers can ask questions and doubts regarding the real estate market, where best real estate industry experts will be answering all your questions. To take part in the discussion, you have to register for it through Whatsapp. This event is for bringing back the confidence of home buyers by discussing various issues that crop up while buying a home.
In recent years, the real estate market has seen a lot of ups and downs that have affected real estate investments. Even the home buyers were cautious of making a purchase due to various factors. Despite that, the real estate market has been in a recovery mode and has produced decent results. India is a constantly developing country where affordable housing is a major issue for most of the people. The affordable housing segment has the highest demand and homes in these projects are booked very fast. People with doubts and questions about affordable housing can join the discussion with Farhan on blogmentry forum “Real Estate De Goa”.
GOA RERA  Act was put into force from May 1, 2017, that safeguards the interests of all the stakeholders and consumers in the real estate industry. Post- demonetization, there was a lot of confusion and speculation but after GOA RERA  was put into force, there is a lot more clarity in the real estate industry and people can see the positive effects of it. India’s no. 1 real estate blogger, along with real estate industry experts, will discuss how GOA RERA  will help real estate home buyers. With an accomplished team of experts, the blogmentry forum will address various other issues of home buyers. It will also give solutions to the problems faced by them while buying a home.
The housing for middle-class people also has a lot of demand but the location of these projects should be perfect and these projects should be priced perfectly to attract home buyers. The supply is more than the demand due to various reasons such as the projects were not completed on time or location is not great for living. This also shows that mid- income housing is preferred by the end- users and not the investors and thus there is an over- supply, which will be absorbed as the demand is high. You can get more details on mid- income housing on the blogmentry forum on either Whatsapp or on
The forum invites all home buyers and real estate builders on Whatsapp on every Friday 11:00 AM IST. To participate, you just have to register on Whatsapp- +91- 9880324059. You can also discuss with real estate blogger Farhan on on 15th of August, regarding the issues of real estate market. It is an opportunity for all the interested home buyers and real estate builders to come together and discuss issues they are facing in the real estate market. It is an awareness program where Farhan Rasheed will take the lead and ask questions to real estate builders and will answer them through his blog published on You can also discuss on the Facebook page “Real Estate De Goa” where you can also find like- minded people to discuss the common issues you are facing while purchasing a home or any other issues related to real estate.


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