5 Reasons You Should Have Your Home Inspected

It is integral that new home buyers should get a home inspection on a new home before taking possession of the home or even purchasing for that matter.

Purchasing a new home is an experience like no other. It is an exhilarating, exhausting and a tedious process, all wrapped up together. In this maelstrom of events, you shouldn’t be forgetting to get your home inspected by a licensed home inspector.

It is advisable to have a licensed home inspector go over a new home during early phases of construction when the home is still being put together. That being said, it is completely fine if the house has reached completion or is close to completion.  You may trust your home builder with your life, but there are some things that even they are unaware of. It is essential that you have a professional looking out for you.

Here are a few reasons why you should you get your home inspected:

  1. Newly constructed homes have a catalogue of issues.

Constructing a home is and has always been a team effort Starting from the architect all the way down to the labourers, building a home involves smaller, separate processes coming together to complete the bigger picture. In such scenarios, there are bound to be issues that go completely unnoticed by the builder, no matter how good they are.

  1. Government building inspections and Home Inspection are two very different entities.

The job of government building inspectors is to make sure the building ticks all the boxes of the the pre-set rules set by a governing body. This is great but these rules tend to skirt the real problems leaving a lot of it unchecked. Home Inspections are a completely different kettle of fish, being much more extensive and much more..personal.

  1. Fix the issues found before moving in.

No one likes dealing with workers hammering away at a faulty door or having your home sound like a metal factory on a really busy day.  While having repairs is part and parcel of owning a home in any capacity, it is advisable to get the builder to fix any significant repairs immediately. No time better than the present.

  1. Better to be Safe rather than Sorry

There are a couple of things you need to make sure that you are in perfect working condition before moving.  Issues like gas leaks need to be addressed to keep you and your family safe. Faulty windows, wiring systems and more have to be sorted completely by the time you move in.

  1. It does wonders during resale.

If and when you decide to sell, the buyer will most likely want to get a home inspection. Having a report from the previous inspection in situations like these, really help. It paints you in a great light and leaves the incoming tenant with a fair idea of what areas need work.

What’s really great is that as nascent a market it may be, Home Inspection Services are definitely more out there than they were over a decade ago. Using services like Snagitout, you can have you’re your home inspected thoroughly offering you some great peace of mind. After all, a healthy home is a happy home.

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