7 Fascinating Reasons to Live in Goa

You may come across many reasons of living in a metropolitan city, but have you ever thought of residing in a state like Goa? Besides being an attractive tourist spot, Goa is also a beautiful place to spend your life. Keep reading to find out many reasons of living in Goa.


Goa is blessed with boundless natural beauty. The place not only has a beautiful sea, but also many rivers, streams, and lakes present across the entire state. Whenever you visit a place or cross a river or lake, you will always find a few people enjoying, chatting, and fishing on the banks of the rivers or other water bodies.

Refreshing Activities

Goa is home to a lot of refreshing social activities and celebrations covering festivals, art, music, and various varieties of cuisines. Tourists find Goa an attractive place to visit in India and love spending time. There are a lot of villas and apartments in North Goa where you can reside and enjoy your life. The atmosphere and the ambiance are delightful. Apart from this, another attraction of Goa is its enchanting nightlife and night market has flourished in many places owing to a huge influx of tourists. The Place is a divine amalgamation of Indian and western culture. Without a doubt, anybody would want to spend their life in Goa due to a lavish lifestyle and mesmerizing beauty.

Prices of Commodities

The prices of different commodities across the nation are soaring high day by day. The fuel prices are increasing at an alarming rate. In the other metropolitan cities, the fuel prices are very high but Goa stills maintain affordable price range of petrol and fuel. You can witness a huge difference in the price rate. Eventually, people are getting prone to the usage of eco-friendly fuels and transport vehicles to avoid pollution. The pollution rate of the city is also low as people use eco-friendly fuels in transportation. The price rates of other commodities are also within a range which again makes Goa a perfect place to live in.

Cheap Transport System

The transportation system of Goa which comprises of mini buses is relatively cheap that even a common man can easily afford it. Be it the smaller distance between the villages or the large intercity distances can be covered in few rupees. Not only is this, the ferry trips in Goa completely free for two wheelers. This makes Goa a dream place to live your life with family.

Unique Heritage of Goa

Goa is the fascinating blend of east and west culture. The Portuguese have ruled the place over many years and have an incredible mark of architecture and cultural heritage. This extraordinary combination makes it a special place for people of different backgrounds to spend their life.

Natural Beauty

Goa is famous for its boundless natural beauty. The abundant beauty of the beaches extends up to the horizon and the shores. The places around the beaches are also equally beautiful and appealing. The beaches get their perfect backdrop due to the dense mountain range. You can visit the hills. You can buy luxury apartments and villas in Goa near to a sea. Apart from this, the open fields all across the place cannot be left out.

Water Sports

Goa beaches give you the opportunity to enjoy different types of water sports like paragliding, surfing, jet skiing and banana boating. Once you learn the art of water sports, buy your own equipment and enjoy the waves as per your wish. Such facilities can be availed only in a place like Goa.

Goa is the best place to live your life with family enjoying the natural and cultural beauty at the same time.

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