Cricket World Cup to Startups in Goa or Elections of Year 2019 is trending ???

We all know that cricket world cup is scheduled in year 2019 and entire world knows indians are the biggest fans of cricket world cup and surely 90 % of the Indians will be watching cricket world cup 2019 on television or internet or any other media irrespective of there heavy work schedule. while the young generation is busy watching cricket world cup, the old generation and business tycoons are busy watching for general elections 2019 as currently Indian economy is currently not very impressive.

Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkota, Chennai, etc are surly going to be busy either watching for cricket world cup or general elections but as a special unique case the people of Goa are not great fans that of cricket world cup instead of watching cricket, The goan techies are surly going to be busy in setting up there startup utilizing the benefits announced in the latest Goa Startup Policy 2018 . The world knows Goa as Tourist Destination but young generation of Goa is adding another identity to it by making it a most promising and innovative startup destination of startups in India.

Rohan Khante , The IT Minister of Goa has very recently introduced lot of incentives of Startup in Goa and very aggressive in promoting ” Goa Startup” he comes from very good educational background and a known business professional . The policy for startup in Goa is going to benefit the fresh graduates from the local community of Goa.

The Goa It Day was celebrated on 14th & 15th of July 2018, The government of Goa introduced the benefits given by government to encourage startups in Goa. Lets focus on startup and generate revenue along with watching cricket world cup in the year 2019.

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