Karnataka Vonde ! North Karnataka separate state will never happen

We are hearing the news that “North Karnataka ” will become separate state and divide one of the largest state Karnataka. The band called by the narendra modi supporters and all other national political BJP leaders to form a separate state for north Karnataka to gain majority of seats for there upcoming National General elections in year 2019 .
The national party leaders of BJP are not aware that , Karnataka people are not fools. Kannadigas can’t be fooled by politicians for political gains. The state Karnataka was formed to be a one state of all kannadigas and will always be a single state as Karnataka. Karnataka vonde Twitter trends are already doing rounds to prove the strength to BJP leaders. No one can devide Karnataka in the name of North Karnataka or south Karnataka or even religion for that matter as Muslim , Christian or Hindu. North Indian state politicians are trying to divide and rule the country by making such efforts to cut large states of South India to smaller states so that Hindi speaking people will be ruling the majority. Unlike other south Indian states who have already been trapped and got separated Karnataka can never be divided. 
Karnataka people are very soft and kind in nature and support and respect all religions , other language people of South or North Indians . Just because Kannadigas are soft in nature politicians can’t take them to a ride . If they call for a north Karnataka bund then entire Karnataka state will bund to reverse the effects . The taste of which already is proved today the 1st August 2018 on social media Twitter with trending tweets on hashtag #karnatakavonde . 
Every kannadiga netizen will be online at 11:00 am on 15th August 2018 to prove the majority and strength that Karnataka is one that is Karnataka vonde. If you are a Kannadiga , I personally appeal you to sign the petition on the below link and join the Twitter war .
My Twitter profile :   https// twitter.com/kannadablogger

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