Ready, steady, Startup India

A wise woman once said your whole life is about trying to make it big, trying to make an impact, trying to be the greatest. People get old spending most of their life trying to make it big yet they fail, but failure is the pillar of success, its true isn’t it? Yet the worst is when you know you have the potential still you wouldn’t fight for your chance because you might fail. A child always dreams of making his/her parents proud. It is not necessary to be a doctor or a sportsman or a statistician to make them proud. Business is seen as a last resort in India, whereas self-made businessmen are always appreciated everywhere else. If you have an outstanding idea or you have it all sort out and the only thing that you are lacking is either inspiration or finance, you don’t need to worry anymore, the present Indian Government has taken an initiative and budding entrepreneurs couldn’t have asked for more.

Startup India, this unique initiative taken by the government will provide bank-financing and will help you showcase your business idea and help you reach your quest for being the greatest. The perks of Startup India can be listed as follows:

  • The patent registration fee will be reduced by 80% which is a staggering percentage.
  • The government has setup 75 startup units which are being provided by the elite universities in India.
  • Not only the central government but the state government will also play a supportive role so that you don’t have to address the centre every time you come up with a problem.
  • A breathtaking amount of $5 billion dollar is being invested with more cash to flood in.

It doesn’t need to be a company with a building cost of $5,000, people who are financially weak or lack the required support but are capable to make it big can also be a part of Startup India. If you have the vision, you can always run the length, Startup India recognizes your vision and will provide every possible help to run the length. Innovation is often deemed as the path to future. This campaign will provide you the platform where you can share your idea and will help you mould yourself into a successful entrepreneur. It will not only help you build your company, it will also make sure that you do not have to pay tax in profits for 3 years. Foreign companies have already ventured in which will help you perform and enhance your creativity.

Don’t hold back, if you have an idea, register and be a part of Startup India. Enough of cowering in, it is time to show the world your mettle. Work hard, plan your business and the rest will be taken care of. It is time to be the greatest; Startup India is there to help you. It is a long walk, but it is not a lonely one. Be a part of this revolution, it’s time for Indians to unfurl their potential.

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