Robert Southey’s Goldilocks Three Bears.

Whatever may be the age of a person, he will always go crazy for the fairy tales he has been hearing from his childhood. Fairy tales might not have realistic facts but all of them have a genuine moral behind them. They move from mouth to mouth, region to region and generations to generations sometimes without any changes and many times with few factual changes in them. Every one of us still remember the stories we have heard in our childhood from our parents. Robert Southey’s Goldilocks Three Bears is a popular one among them. Goldilocks Three Bears after being published, reached a wide range of readers all over the region in a short span.

We never had to remember about the author, who wrote this and where is he from in our younger ages. But now being grown up readers we feel content when we know about the author along with the story. Before going for a novel or a story we would like to know something about the author. It is important to know how an author created a story and what is its moral according to him. He might have written something out of his own experience or something which he had heard a long years ago and has no written documentary and many other reasons may be. Here Robert Southey, though he has published this story along with other collections of him, the story was said to be there even before it is published.

To know about the author of Goldilocks Three Bears, Mr. Robert Southey was born in August 12, 1774 in The United Kingdom. He was an English poet in the Romantic School. Along with this he was a biographer, letter writer, historian and a literary scholar. He published The Story Of Three Monkeys in 1837 in a collection of his essays and few stories named The Doctor. There are some interpretations saying that this story was already running between people in a rhyming way or with some other names. Few instants said Robert Southey himself had narrated this story to many people before publishing it along other stories. Whatever may be the interpretations, fact is for the first time it got published in Southey’s book and hence he remained as the author of the story for then, now and ever.

In Southey’s story of three bears, there were three male bears living in a house in woods. One is a huge bear, other is a small bear and another a little one. Each of them had their porridge pot, a bed and a chair. One day they decide to go for a walk around and leave their house. In their absence an impudent old bad woman enters the house. She uses their belongings. She eats up the little bear’s porridge and sleep on its bed, breaks his chair and ruin everything. When the bears come back to home they discover the old lady sleeping. The lady wakes up and tries to escape by jumping out from the window and dies. This story of Robert Southey became so popular after getting published. Southey had explained very well about the living of bears and how harsh the lady was. It carried a moral of not interfering in anybody’s life.

After being published, Southey’s story took new turns. Many other authors adapted the skeleton of the story and started giving their versions by changing few things in Goldilocks Three Bears. Stories started coming for different audiences like for kids, for ladies, for elders and it went on and on. Joseph Cundall was a pioneer photographer and children’s book publisher. He changed the old bad lady into a young girl with silver hair and all the fashion accessories and made a major change in the story. Here an ugly old lady was replaced by a beautiful young girl, which started fantasising children as well. Then on it started becoming a popular children story.

Later Katharine Briggs brought those three male bears as a father bear, a mother bear and a baby bear in her story. There are also few stories where porridge is being exchanged with milk, soup or some other foods. Rather jumping out from the window the girl parties with the bears in the house. Cundalls silver hairs changed to golden hairs in Katharine Briggs stories. The additions, deletions and replacements continued for a long time and even now you can see so many versions of Goldilocks Three Bears story from 1837 to now.

But all these changes happened over time cannot be neglected nor they are said to be mistakes. It shows how the things got modified over time. It expresses what were most important for readers from the eyes of authors of different times. It shows importance of different things at different times. Southey said there were three male bears, they eventually became a father, a mother and a baby monkey. It shows how a story can be narrated from the view point of readers.

Even now we can see our children loving this story. They got to read the story as a rhyme. They play skits for this popular Three Bears story. Now they are never scared to have those three sized bears around them in the school. You can see a fairy tale once has finally become a fairy tale forever. Without thinking about anything past or bad children started enjoying Goldilocks Three Bears. All the credits should go to the creator, that is Robert Southey.

There are so many things hidden in this story. There is a strong link between imagination and realities. Fairy tales are lucky in this regard. No one asks how true a thing is. There are chances for any dream, any imagination. The fearful old lady was a villain those days. Now the young beautiful lady has become a heroine of the story. That is how a fairy tale lives forever around us with beautiful wings and feathers joining along its journey over years.

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