Square Connect an App review

Square Connect an App review

The Real Estate Blogger interviewed the Co – Founder Mr.Biswaroop Padhi during the Recent interactive session held in Bangalore regarding the launch of the all new Real Estate App which is Named as “Square Connect”. According to him Square Connect is a great application which has contributed a lot in real estate division. Square connect is the largest mobile platform which provides huge platform and base to real estate brokers, financial institutions and online firms. According to Mr. Biswaroop Padhi “Square Connect” is a product which arose from the increasing demand for full-fledged market segment for many developers. “Square Connect” has been the second home for the investors. More than ten thousand real estate brokers has enrolled themselves from twelve cities. Square Connect ties more than twenty five stock broking firms. It has also got the tie up from various institutions. Square Collect has become one of the largest network for all the brokers, builders and investors all over the world. It has given platform to all. For small brokers this is a great opportunity to get deal from A-grade builders. The whole process helps to develop the relationship among suppliers, buyers and brokers.

Square Connect is excellent application which keeps you connected with various developers from all parts of the world. The application helps to keep all the transparency in regards to payment. Brokers can track their payment from builders. Small brokers can associate with A-grade brokers from all round the world. The application helps to keep all the records of documentation and booking, be it KYC forms, slab reports, amount collection from developers and even the broker’s fee amount.

Square Connect rules the market with its wonderful features. It provides all the information under one roof. It helps to get access to exclusive deals from grade ‘A’ developers all over the world across 21 cities and 6 countries. It provides update from builders on project status and offers. It provides marketing assistance through personalized EDM, Whatsapp, SMS etc. Square Connect helps to get access to real estate market trends through Square Connect knowledge center. It helps to increase by twenty five percent. Square Connect provides effective and efficient management of leads with customized CRM tools. Square Connect helps to add other revenue streams such as mortgage loans & increase your earnings. Square Connect provides transparency in transaction process and better experience of real time status tracking of payments, collections and auto invoicing with payment guarantee. Square Connect is the solution to all the concerns of real estate brokers. It helps to make your business journey easier and smooth.

As per Tanuj Shori, the founder and CEO of Square Yards, as per his information Square Connect is leading the business. In current financial year of 2016, it has developed more than 300 transactions. Square Connect brings a great change in the life of real estate agents. Square Connect provides opportunity to earn high commission slabs from renowned and top builders.

According to Mr. Padhi the demand of second home is rising by ten to twelve percent each year. People want to invest their disposable income. Families where husband and wife are both earning, they also invest in various properties which are specially located in hill station, beaches or various other attractive destination point where they can spend their holidays with friends and family.

According to Mr. Biswaroop Padhi- Goa, Kerala, Shimla are some of the top holiday destinations during summers and winters, so people are desperately looking for second homes in India. There are also some wonderful destinations just at drive away distance from Mumbai such as Lonavala, Alibag etc. Depending on these facts and figures top real estate house are investing in building properties in such destinations. The holiday home concept has always been a top choice. When people are looking for second home they look for both luxurious lifestyle and safety all at a time. As per the top builders and researchers, there is an increasing demand of second home.

Mr. Biswaroop Padhi says that second home ranges from wide variety from small apartments to luxurious villas and farmhouses. But in all these high design and standard quality is demanded. Real estate market has got a setback in recent years due to low rate of interest when it comes to first home. But the market of second home has remain intact. As per various developers the stress and work pressure increases the demand of second home in the lap of nature. These second homes are provided with lot of amenities be it gym, playing area, sports club, gardens and swimming pool, etc. Not only for living purpose but people are even buying homes as investment purpose.

Mr. Farhan Rasheed has been one of the well-known name in India when it comes to real estate, he is a renowned blogger who writes and comments on various latest products and launches that happens in real estate market.

Mr. Biswaroop Padhi is the co-founder and principal partner of Square Yards which is a real estate advisory firm. He is the main person behind the strategy and execution of this product. So nobody can better explain the product except him. Mr. Biswaroop Padhi is expert in providing excellent solutions when it comes to brand and product management. So when he is involved with Square Connect, you can definitely understand what value the product carries.

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