Top Tech Bloggers in India

Technical blogging is having a huge competition in recent years. With fast paced technical inventions, a tech blogger should be quick enough in catching the speed along with the perfection in the ideas. There are many tech bloggers emerging from every part of India from past few years. It may take years to be successful in the field of tech blogging. Here are few tech bloggers who never gave up struggling with the sprinting technology.

  • Sandeep Jain.

He is the founder of GeeksforGeeks. Coming from IIT Roorkee he would love to solve programming. You can see many solutions for all types of technical issues we find. He has a team with him, who along with Sandeep strive to make the solutions simpler to their readers and followers.

  • Amit Agarwal.

Amit is a popular technical blogger. He holds the glory of being the first professional tech blogger of India. He regularly speaks about technology in conferences and you can see his writings in major magazines as well. He provides guidance to his readers about popular web apps and mobile apps. He has written an award winning Digital Inspiration blog.

  • Abhijeet Mukherjee.

Abhijeet founded a popular tech site called Guiding Tech. It publishes articles, reviews about OS and software tools. There is a unique type of blogs they publish. They say about its history, cultural aspects along with technical things.

  • Anand Khanse.

He blogs about windows operating system in his blog The Windows Club. Anand is a very humble family person who is a Microsoft MVP awardee for ten years’ period. He founded The Windows Club in 2006 and since them it one of the top Windows related blog.

  • Lalit Kumar.

Lalit founded TecWelkin in 2011 and it is now a famous website which publishes articles on software, computer, mobile related topics. His writings go simple and easy to read and follow for all kids of readers.

  • Aseem Kishore.

Aseem Kishore started his blog Online Tech Tips in 2007. As the name itself says the blog provides software or technical tips to its readers. You may find tips on how to use a software or how to use some application etc.

  • Harsh Agrawal.

Harsh Agrawal’s start up ShoutMeLoud has a great history before it started. He started it just because he had no choice when he met with an accident and had to be on bed for six months or more. Then this ShoutMeLoud got started in 2009. Now he making most out of his multiple blogs.

  • Raju PP.

He started in the year 2008. He always says he believes in KISS- Keep It Simple Stupid. So does his tech blogs. They look very simple and conveys what they should in an easy way to the readers.

  • Amit Bhawani.

Amit Bhawani’s gives you whatever you need about mobiles. He focuses on the specifications, uses, reviews, how-to about different mobile phone released to the market in a simple way.

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