Reasons to visit Greenland where lies the island of Uunartoq

Greenland is often attributed to as paradise on earth. It has polar desert, glacial laden fjords, and sheep in the south. It also packs some of the finest attractions for tourists. You will find the best of nature, culture and action; all in one place. Here are few things that will propel you to visit Greenland.

1.       You can view the pre-historic ice sheet

The ice sheet covers almost 80% of the country and dates back to almost 10,000 years. You can also walk on this ice sheet to capture that prehistoric feel. If you wish to witness the remnants of the last ice age, Greenland is the place to be.

You can view snowy mountains, a wide variety of fauna and frozen freshwater. It is just like the scene from beyond the wall in Game of Thrones. Interesting fact about Greenland is that it comprises 695,000 sq. miles of area which is complete ice which is 14 times the size of England and is abode 10% of world’s freshwater reserves.

2.       You get to see the glaciers outside of Antarctica

The famous Ilulissat Icefjord is Greenland’s finest attraction. It is listed under UNESCO as one of the World Heritage Sites around the world. Greenland is home to the biggest collection of icebergs which is part of Sermeq Kujalleq glacier in Icefjord and is perhaps the biggest one offers a chilling natural view.

This tells of the world’s rich history. You can enjoy the view via a boat ride therein or by a helicopter and you can always visit through land. You can also choose to land on this gigantic iceberg courtesy of the helicopter ride. All you have to do is ask the pilot to fly at a lower altitude and voila you are all set hike along its trails or for those exquisite photo shots!

3.       Hop in the hot-tubs

By hot-tubs we mean hot springs which is the core attraction for most people. There are numerous hot springs throughout Greenland but the popular one is Uunartoq hot springs also referred on the island of Uunartoq in the east Greenland.

Another notable hot springs is at Disko Island’s hot springs which is only a boat ride away from the Illulissat. These natural hot-tubs are 100 degrees Fahrenheit in temperatures and can rise as high as 140 degrees!

4.       You get to witness the spectacular Northern Lights

Also referred to as Aurora Borealis is the “biggest light show on the earth”. It is during the months of winter that the dark sky glows with tons of neon illuminations. This makes it a spectacle to behold and one driven by nature. There are ways to experience it.

You can opt for a Greenland cruise to view the lights but for that to transpire, you will have to visit the place between December and February. It is because during this time of the year the night sky is clearer as opposed to other nights of the year so that you can enjoy the show from the best seat in the house.

5.       Welcome to the world’s largest national park

The Greenland National Park is spread over 870 miles and easily takes the crown of being the largest national park on the planet. The major attraction of the park is its overflowing flora and fauna but the access to the park is quite limited not because of the roads leading to or the terrain but because no one lives there or the area is sparsely populated.

Ittoqqortoormiit in Northeast Greenland is the doorway into the park and if you wish, you can take cruise expeditions through that gate. You will notice how the crystal clear water runs between the mountains before being faced with giant walruses and majestic polar bear. Not in a dangerous way, just that you will spot these species on your ride.

Many label it as the Artic paradise.

6.       Mummies in Egypt? Oh, please!

You thought you can only view mummies in Egypt but you were wrong. One of the first museums established to be enacted in Greenland, the National Museum has in its arsenal a history worth of 4,500 years. It contains Danish artifacts to archaeological digs and some well-preserved ruins.

Amidst all this, the Inuit Archaeological Collections are a source of great attraction and so are the Norse Collections. You will find the mummified bodies of the four individuals in full dresses buried therein in the year 1475. These are not man made mummy figures, they were mummified naturally due to freezing temperatures.


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