The Indian Muslim Vote – Elections 2019

The Indian Muslim Community is the Second highest populated community after Hindu Community followed by the Christians and the rest of the community. We all Indian citizens of our Secular Country know that there is an upcoming Election due in the coming months this year 2019. All these while the National Party “Bharatiya Janta Party” in short known as BJP is ruling our country headed by Sri Narendra Modiji as Prime Minister.

Before BJP Government we have been voting for the Congress Government previously headed by Sri. Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister and we choose not to continue with Congress Party due to lack of Confidence in “Rahul Gandhi” A Prime Ministerial Candidate even though we didn’t had any major issue with the Congress party other than corruption in few cases. Corruption exists in every country where it’s ruled by the elected party but we failed to understand that other than corruption, Equally important is “The Politics in the name of Religion” in other words spreading hatred among different religions, Communal Violence etc…

Yes You read it right, Corruption & Communalism is what we need to get rid of from our country “India” We are Secular Country. Secular meaning we all Indians are one irrespective of our Religion. Religion is individuals interest and believe, which is restricted to there place of workshop or there own houses.

Its really strange that we are falling pray to the current Government politics, That is BJP is spreading Hatred among we Indians in the name of religion. Both BJP and Congress are Corrupt but comparatively Congress or any other government is less harmful to our country. Its better we choose our prime minister who is a Secular.

The above head line says “The Indian Muslim Vote” meaning its been written keeping in mind the votes of Muslim contribution to our country.

The Indian Muslim play a key role in electing wise prime minister of India, The decision to vote has to be taken with deep analysation by every individual who is a citizen of our country irrespective of the religion.

The do’s and don’t s when Voting this year 2019 me as an “Indian Muslim Voter” :

  1. If you are unhappy with BJP then you must think of selecting a suitable Prime Minister considering your other HINDU & Christian Brothers interest in mind.
  2. Never fall pray to Religious Politics : (a) Voting for Muslim Candidate when you know that he/she is not going to take a lead which may be a cause to divide your Vote so that the BJP takes the lead. (b) Never Vote for person who bribes you to do so. (c) Voting for someone who may not be consistent in making decision. (d) Think before you make a decision to Vote of Independent candidate who may be switching hands here and there.
  3. Think before you Vote for someone who is Your Relative or a Good Friend especially when you know that he/she may not be able to take the Lead.
  4. You vote for a person who will help grow Indian Economy.
  5. In Hyderabad, AIMIM Party headed by Asaduddin Owaisi is dominating and consistently as a Winner in the region but same is not the case when it comes to rest of the country. Its better you choose a National Party which will work in favor instead of dividing your vote. There are rumors that “Asaduddin Owaisi” is B Team of BJP which may not be true but still considering his influence in rest of the country better to avoid voting for his Party. Voting AIMIM may only help BJP not the one which you may dream of getting elected. Better we expect the same statement from ” Asaduddin Owaisi himself for doing so for the interest of Indian Muslim”

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