NOTA, Indian Muslim’s Will Vote for Congress.

Appeal for not to Use NOTA, A None of The Above Voting Power

About 50,000 Muslim families were cheated by 25+ Ponzi Companies, who lost their life-time savings worth 3000 Crores. As none of the Political Parties have done anything so far, the Frustrated Victims have decided to vote for Non-JCB (JD(s), Congress & BJP) candidates or Press NoneOfTheAbove (NOTA) button.

Please Don’t Press NOTA, It will Divide the Votes and BJP will Come into Power. My suggestion stick to one Party only that is National Party. The only Party where we can trust is Congress. As of now, we have no option to vote so better vote for Congress and not press NOTA which may lead to a BJP WIN the Elections because of stupid thoughts.

“First Refund, Then Ask for Vote”, is our demand, as we are staring at Bleak future, after losing our life-time savings. We lost members to disease & divorce, sisters can’t get married and our parents may depart painfully, all due to lack of money.

Yes Agree to the point but pressing “NOTA” will divide the votes and favor BJP, Better we Vote for Congress. It is our hard earned money, we are sure we will get it.

The root cause is the painfully slow Investigation process and delay in Govt permissions to sell seized properties and distribute the Money to us Victims. Even a tea-seller on Cycle, is forced to pay Hafta, but 25+ Ponzi companies openshop, give expensive Advertisements, get endorsements from Heavyweight Muslim leaders and Shut-Shop, without getting noticed by the extremely vigilant Govt officials. The Cycle-pe-Chaiwala is caught within hours, but the Fraudsters run their show undetected for over a year.

Still lets not press NOTA, Go for Congress so that BJP is not coming to power.

Neither the past Congress Govt, nor the Current JD(s) Chief-Minister has done anything useful; all the 100+ BJP MLAs are maintaining deafening silence. Now after losing hopes on Local Muslim MLAs and Left with No other choice, we have decided to hold a Vote-based- Protest against non-performing JCB leaders.

We will fight and get our money back but for now will Vote for Congess

We have decided to vote for Non-JCB candidates or Press the (NOTA) button. This type of Voting will be done by every Victim, their Family members, Friends, Relatives, Neighbors, Well-Wishers and everyone who has seen them suffering. Most of us have lost earnings of our entire life, which we will never recover, unless we get Refund from these Ponzi Companies. This can happen only if the Politicians look at our plight & fast track the Recovery Process. We appeal to every Citizen to join us and threaten the Politicians with NOTA,

No doubt NOTA is a good option but we may not get majority of NOTA so better go for Congress. At least we will WIN and get saved from BJP

unless they fast track the Recovery, Process and get us Refund before we VOTE.

Time is running away, No time to experiment. Lets stick to Congress and nothing else. Currently our motive is to stop BJP coming to power.

The Victims of all Ponzi Companies like Ambidant Marketing, Ajmera, Injaz, Aala etc.

You will get your Money back lets fight and get it back but for now, vote for Congress. If BJP Comes to power Muslims will be washed out. We need to savegard our selves. Its emergency situation for all Indian Muslims.

Note: The reader of the post if he is a Victim, Kindly comment below and forward this link in Social Media like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin

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