Sales Manager, A new Real Estate Startup in India

Sales Manager?????? is it a Startup or a Designation?

Yes the Startup Company name itself is “Sales Manager” which is Real Estate Startup which provides “Sales as a Service” to Real Estate Builders & Developers found by Real Estate Blogger “Farhan Rasheed” who is highly experienced in this domain.

The Real Estate Startup “Sales Manager” mainly focuses on dedicated and quality service in Real Estate sales for the Real Estate builders and developers in India. The Startup Company offers “Sales as a service” Concept dedicated to the Real Estate industry in India. This Company deals with only the selling of Affordable Homes with smart amenities. The Company works in a combination of offline sales Support and Digital

The Startup Sales Manager doesn’t work as a Real Estate Agent, Yet this company helps the real estate builders & developers by helping them improve their sales through Sales Manager’s in-house well trained and motivated dedicated Sales Professionals.

Unlike the other real estate agents or brokers, who get a fixed commission from the real estate companies after selling their real estate properties, the Startup “Sales Manager” works on a different model. This startup company charges the client a fixed monthly remuneration fee like that of a salary kind of and also get a nominal incentive which is very less and it’s less than 1% of the sale value of the real estate inventory sold by them. Every customer of this startup thinks that house ownership is one of the fastest ways to create generational wealth.

This startup helps Builders & developers to achieve their goals. The main concept of Sales Manager is to help the Real Estate industry to grow and also to help the Home buyers in getting their dream homes for a very less cost so that they are happy. This startup has a dedicated team of people who are ready to help the customers at any time anywhere. They are very much dedicated and motivated. They work with team spirit to help customers who are in need. Many Real Estate Agents charge over and above 10% brokerage from the Real Estate companies which most of the home buyers are unaware because of which indirectly makes the home buying process expensive.

By buying homes through Sales Manager, the home buyers get their homes at a very less price as this startup works on a lesser brokerage of below 1% and also they don’t charge any brokerage to home buyers. The process helps the home buyers in getting the dream homes for less comparatively buying from a Real Estate Agent.

The “Sales Manager” not only helps the customers in the buying process, but also it manages the clients throughout process starting from buying to availing home loans, helping both buyer and seller in getting loan disbursement as well as support till handing over the real estate project to all its clients. The team working in this company has a unique understanding of how to help home buyers maximize their profits or minimize their cost to increase savings. Their main goal is customer satisfaction. They show houses to their clients at a reasonable price. Thus when one wants to buy a house they can directly approach this startup and the people in this company do best to the customers and make them happy.

The tagline of the startup “Sales Manager” says ” I don’t sell, People buy from me”

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