Who is a Blogrietor?

Blogrietor is an owner of a Blog Website or an individual
who is the sole blog proprietor in a particular niche or category.

A person who does blogging is also known as “Blogrietor”

Blogrietor shares his expertise & Knowledge by blogging on a particular niche or category he is interested or an expert.

There are 15 types of Blogrietor’s in the Internet world namely :

  1. Real Estate Blogrietor.
  2. Tech Blogrietor.
  3. Food Blogrietor.
  4. Fashion Blogrietor / Lifestyle Blogrietor.
  5. Sports Blogrietor.
  6. Finance Blogrietor.
  7. Business Blogrietor.
  8. Political Blogrietor.
  9. Travel Blogrietor.
  10. Health Blogrietor.
  11. Entertainment Blogrietor.
  12. Relationship Blogrietor.
  13. Pet Blogrietor.
  14. Humer Blogrietor.
  15. Mummy Blogrietor.

An Example of a Real Estate Blogrietor, is me who is the owner of farhanrasheed.com and also contribute blog or articles on Real Estate Category.

Tech Blogrietor: A Person who does blogging on technology is called “Tech Blogrietor”

Food Blogrietor: A Food Lover and an individual who writes about food is known as “Food Blogrietor”

Fashion Blogrietor: A Fashion Designer or a fashion expert who writes blog on fashion & trends is called “Fashion Blogrietor”. He/she is also known as a “Lifestyle Blogrietor”

Similarly the other blogrietor’s like Sports Blogrietor, Political Blogrietor, Travel Blogrietor, Health Blogrietor, Entertainment Blogrietor & More does exists in the Blogging world.

The Word “Blogrietor” is coined by me as a contribution to the blogging world as there was no particular word to describe a person who does blogging though most of the people unaware call he/she as Blogger. A Blogger is a brand owned by Google and is just a platform for Blogrietor’s.

The word curated combining two words i,e Blog & Proprietor hence Blogrietor.

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