How to file a Real Estate Complaint under RERA?

Real Estate scenario used to be quite bleak at one point of time with Builders engaging in fraudulent practices and thousands of disgruntled home buyers having nowhere to go. Inconsistencies in the project, delay in delivery of the finished flats, and heavy losses monetarily are some of the problems that are only caught under the radar. Add to this the mental tension and exhaustion & the scenario turns miserable. With the Regulation And Development Act (RERA) implemented it has become easy for these dissatisfied people to launch a complaint and get justice in this regard. However, the real question boils down to refer below,How to file a complaint under RERA?

Filling a Real Estate Complaint :

The RERA complaint can be filed not just against the builders but allotters and promoters as well. The complaint is filed under Section 31 of RERA. It is filled with an adjudicating officer or Real Estate Regulatory Authority. Most state governments have their own set of rules and filing fees with the guidelines laid out with clarity and transparency. The complaint needs to be put in as per the format provided by the respective government for their states. The complainant can visit the RERA portal with a varying fee of a Rs 1000 to Rs 5000 as per the state. The complaint must include the following fields –

  • Complainant Name
  • Filing Complaint against – Promoter/Agent
  • Flat number
  • The total value of the flat
  • Amount paid till date
  • Date of possession
  • Relief Sought
  • Pending court case
  • It is always advisable to read the sale document cautiously and make up the mind to understand what kind of result is being sought while filling a RERA complaint. There is no specified time frame for filing a complaint under RERA, however, it must be filed on time.

Choosing RERA –

In a nation of over a billion population with a large populace seeking a home, the real estate complaints are rampant. Moreover, such complaints take time getting sorted which makes it even more tough for people to even think of filling one fearing the wastage of precious time and resources. RERA provides hope to many that their case shall not go unheard. This forum provides a faster solution to the real estate complaints as compared to any other legal platform such as the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC). RERA handles only real estate cases which makes it a distinctive authority to reach out to and receive a resolution in a time-effective manner. The transparency maintained in resolving the disputes is high which means that none of the promoters, developers, etc. can use their influence to manipulate the law.

RERA is consumer friendly for both the buyer and developer –

The best part of RERA is its fairness in solving the case. The Real Estate agents can also be assured of receiving justice in case they are being wrongly convicted. All Real Estate agents need to register with RERA which stands good for a period of 5 years. Agents also need to maintain a record of all the sales carried out by them along with a proper registration number. This helps identify any cases of distress with much ease. Any agent failing to do the same is levied with a penalty of 5% of the cost of the flat in question. The buyer also needs to follow certain regulations. The buyer must make all the payments on time in the method as decided at the time of signing the agreement. Failing to the same will lead to the implementation of interest over the principal amount.

RERA surely makes it easy for any of the parties in distress to receive a logical and legal solution to their problem. With the fees being extremely affordable, even a common man can file a real estate complaint.

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