Indian Muslim Need to Fight Politico Legal Battle

Friends the Below message is from Narendra Kumar, I am responding him with my comments

Narendra: We had a decent meeting last evening and as informed discussed both Legal & Political Strategies.

Farhan Rasheed: Even though you are not from Indian Muslim Community you have taken the initiative to help us, We thank for the same. Inshallah whenever our hindu brothers are in similar situation we shall be always stand by them and support.

Narednra: At a Conference at National Law School last fortnight, among a gathering of Pan-Karnataka Activists, the Chairman of Public Policies told us to fight a “Politico-Legal” battle with the Govt. This was given in a context of Govt not forming Ward-Committees and said it works for all fights with the Govt.

Farhan Rasheed: Agree to the Chairman’s point. Lets all get together and fight the “Politico-Legal”

Narendra: We too are doing the same, fighting a “Politico-Legal” battle for getting Refund for Ponzi-Victims.

Farhan Rasheed: You are right Mr.Narendra, It’s a Politico-Legal battle. You are point is correct and we are in support of You.

Narendra: With the kind of corruption we find in most Govt Offices, only Courts get us justice. Only the Courts can direct Govt to “Sell the Seized Properties” and “order Refunds” to be given using court specified Guidelines.

Farhan Rasheed: Yes, again your point is to be noted and we need to fight the case and win the courts confidence.

Narendra: We need to fight Politically, because Govt Officials work at their whims and fancies. Only they can move your files faster get quicker responses and give pro-people actions. Most Public Interest Cases are delayed due to Govt Apathy and unless we pressurize Politicians, the Officials will keep sitting on our files for decades, as they have been doing for Ponzi Companies.

Farhan Rasheed: Rightly said we need to fight politically and for that we need huge strength from the Heera Gold Victims and Ambident Victims. If any other groups are there in similar situation yes they are welcome to join to make a bigger force. In order for this initiative to get success we all need to become mature. I see that few members in the Heera Gold Victims group share irrelevant messages. I saw few links of Youtube Movies. Common if you want to play around get out of the group let others who need money work for the purpose.  

Narendra: As we all know and classically explained in “Jolly LLB” movie series, the Court just waits for the Victims to produce some evidences before getting justice. It is the Officials who are responsible to give proper evidences and in real time, so that Justice is never delayed and denied.

Farhan Rasheed: Government Officials can never be trusted though there few who are genuine but in majority they are not trustworthy, Hence we have to get evidences ourselves and fight for the cause. I see that Mr.Yonus Sayed has done a great job in doing so.

Narendra: That’s what was the “Politico-Legal”, fight we are talking about, where we pressurize the Politicians, who can make the Govt Officials work faster and we get our Refund, just in time to Pay for School Fees, Parent’s operation and Get back our Wife/Husband home!

Farhan Rasheed: Lets get to work and fight for it.

Narendra: We are aware of other issues the minority community is facing in terms of Polarization of society into religious lines, by vested interests of Political parties of all kinds. However, our battle is more personal than social. We do have our social obligations, but before that we have our personal obligations.

Farhan Rasheed: Ghoda Ghas se Dosthi karega tho Khayega Kya. (The saying meaning says, If horse makes friendship with grass, what will hose eat then.

Narendra: Some of us can afford to fulfill their social obligations, but most of us may need the Refund to set right their family issues.

Farhan Rasheed: Irrespective of Big or small it was all hard-earned money and we need it back so everyone should get together.

Narendra: Our Focus being Refund, we are forced to look at our problems from that angle only

Farhan Rasheed: It’s not a forced initiative, It’s our need of the time.

Narendra: So, we went ahead and Tweeted to high and mighty, the top leaders of JCB parties, NaMo, RaGa and Gowdaru, asking them to tell their local leaders to solve our issues. We requested them to “Sell the Seized Properties & get us Refund”.

Farhan Rasheed: Yes, we need this kind of support but so far we have not got that kind of a traction what is needed. Let us continue with the exercise and start tweeting everyday @ 11:00 AM till 12:00 PM (Just One Hour)

Narendra: Thanks to our special Contributor Mr Syed Najmuddin, who came down from Mysore and made us install Twitter and re-tweet the message. He also promised us to help others get into twitter and TELL the high & mighty to instruct their local leaders to help us get refund.

Farhan Rasheed: Special Thanks to everyone, please we need your support lets continue the trend.

Narendra: Thanks also goes to Ms Tamanna, (all Mr) Naushad, Syed Haq, Abidali, Nayaz, Ansar, Shabbir and Azmath, who re-tweeted our message and promised to send more twitter messages to other leaders and the Media.

Farhan Rasheed: Lets move ahead with more and more tweets.

Narendra: Hope that at least now the Local Leaders will wake-up and do something for us to get Refund.

Farhan Rasheed: We will make such a situation that they will have to do it. Please Join Our Telegram Group here :


Farhan Rasheed

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Below is the tweet message :

@PMIndia @CMofKarnataka we need Justice, Listen to our Voice. We both #HeeraGold & #Ambident Victims seek your help in #PonziRefund. We #FightForPonziMoneyBack #IndiaAgainstPonzi

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