Made Ponzi Scheme in the name of Halal Investment

Bengaluru: We have been hearing a lot of scams and frauds in the name of various misleading Investment schemes but have you had ever heard that few companies have made biggest scam of the world that too in the name of Halal Investment.

  1. The King of Ponzi Scheme in the Name of Halal Investment :

Syed Fareed Ahmed, The Promoter of Ambidant Marketing Pvt Ltd has lured over 15000 plus Indian Muslims in the name of Halal Investment misusing the Religious sentiments where Interest is Haram in Islam.

He had received almost 1000 crore investments from the Muslim Community among which the Majority is from the state of Karnataka followed by Goa. Now Syed Fareed Ahmed is out on bail and is roaming freely with his 50 Lakh Worth Luxury Car and the Government is doing nothing other just inquiring his case. The biggest problem with the Police authority not speeding up the case of Ambidant is due the lack of Co Operation from the Victims of the Ponzi Company.

2. The Queen of Ponzi Scheme in the Name of Halal Investment :

A News Article in Times of India

Dr.Nowhera Shaikh, The CEO of Heera Group, She can be crowned the Queen of Ponzi Scheme not only in India but the universe as she has successfully made the scam in the name of Halal Investment targeting the Muslim Community not only in India but in UAE, USA, Canada, Malaysia, Qatar, various other countries. It is heard from the sources that in India alone she has made a scam in the name of Halal Investment to the tune of Rs.50,000/- Crore and Rest of the World is unknown. In support of the Ponzi Queen, there is big Ponzi Army Headed by Mutiur Rahman, Babu Sabir Khan, Gulrez, Nabi Awati and followed a Ponzi Association in Pune which is headed by Naveed & Saud Pawani.

These Ponzi Army men threaten the Victims with a tag “You are not a Muslim” because of which the feared victims are not rising there voice and taking legal step.

An Example of such threat is here in the screenshot

The Biggest shock is when you hear that they are openly threatening in the social media to not file FIR to the Victims of Heera Group. Whenever someone tries to talk against these fraudsters and the company they put false allegations on them to shut mouth fearing which, almost 11 lack plus innocent Muslims are not coming forward to make an FIR against the said Heera Group Ponzi Company. I request all my Readers to please share this article to spread and create awareness as well as help these victims take the legal aid to expose this scam and help the victims of Heera Group get their money through the court proceedings.

In order to help these victims, I’m running a Campaign on twitter with #IndiaAgainstPonzi & #FraudHai, I appeal to all you the readers to kindly support this initiative by tweeting and retweeting aggressively

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