Twitter Campaign: Ponzi Fraud Victims Group Requests Karnataka CM and Indian PM for Money Back

Bengaluru: On this issue the victim groups of both ponzi fraud companies Heera Gold & Ambident have planned for a Twitter Campaign to seek support and intervention in in getting there money back from these fraudsters.

Twitter Campaign: Ponzi Victim’s Group Requests CM Kumaraswami to help get money back:

On April 7th, 2019 Farhan Rasheed made an appeal on his twitter handle to fight Ponzi in India

The SEBI confirms that activities of Heera Gold, are in the nature of Ponzi or multilevel marketing scheme. However, the activities are beyond the ambit of SEBI and RBI, the case has been referred to CID economic offences wing, and commissioner of police in Hyderabad said SEBI.  And now for the first-time lid was blown off and an FIR has been filed against them.  The big money not only attracts investors to stock market but also to the Ponzi schemes. As of now Indian investors have already been duped of nearly Rs 7,500 crore by fraudulent collective investment scheme. Floated by companies over the last few years.

Regarding the issue the victims group of both fraud companies Heera Gold & Ambident  have planned  for a Twitter campaign as they believe they have this way through which it can help them to get the money back from the fraudsters.

The Hashtags on Twitter like #IndiaAgainstPonzi, #FightForPonziMoneyBack has planning it to aggressively tweet by all the Heera  Gold and Ambient victims group, hereafter will we are referring both as Ponzi victims and have extended full support in having the Twitter campaign to be successful and let our voice be heard by both Our CM of Karnataka Kumaraswami and the pm of our India Sri Narendra Modi.

This is an Appeal to all the Heera Gold Victims and the ambient victims all of you start joining Twitter and follow the guidelines we are providing below.

An Example of the tweet we present here

@PMIndia @CMOfKarnatka we want justice, please listen to our voice. We both victims want your help in #Ponzirefund. We #Fightforponizimoneyback #Indiaagaintponzi.

Similar to the above tweet you all need to tweet in in your twitter handles exactly at 11:00 AM everyday for next 3 days and should continue every 10 minutes till 12:00 pm.

We are going to provide you some steps through which you can stay away from Ponzi’s Scheme.

  1. Any of the Ponzi’s scheme promising you abnormally higher returns needs reading between the lines. Most of the people fall prey to these schemes purely because they didn’t have much knowledge and herd mentality Greed can be called a biggest villain.
  • Any Doubtful Business model forms of financial fraud pyramid schemes. Such schemes however can usually collapse when defaults occur, and promoters abscond with invested money.
  • Any unknown company you might not have heard about a scheme promising higher returns, but are you also fully aware about the company and its credibility? If not, how can you put your hard-earned money into a Company or organization which is unknown to you.
  • Before investing always have a track record of promoters apart from doing your own research about company, you should check the track record of its promoters as well.
  • If you have a plan to invest in non-banking finance company, they you must be all aware about that every NBFC is required to be registered with the reserve Bank of India.

The Hashtags #IndiaAgainstPonzi, #PonziRefund, and #FightForPonziMoneyBack have been planned to aggressively tweet by all the Heera Gold and Ambident Victims Group, hereafter will refer both as Ponzi Victims and have extended my full support in getting the twitter campaign to be successful and let our voice be heard by both CM of Karnataka and the PM of India.

An Appeal to all the Heera Gold Victims and The Ambident Victims start joining twitter and follow the guidelines below :

An Example of the tweet, you can post similar tweets

@PMIndia @CMofKarnataka we need Justice, Listen to our Voice. We both #HeeraGold & #Ambident Victims seek your help in #PonziRefund. We #FightForPonziMoneyBack #IndiaAgainstPonzi #SurgicalStrike

We need Justice, #FightForPonziMoneyBack of all the victims by #Ambident & #HeeraGold. We need help from @pmofindia and @cmofkarnataka. come lets tweet together everyday @ 11:00 AM on #IndiaAgainstPonzi and #FightForPonziMoneyBack. #SurgicalStrike

Note: Everyone please do this exercise every day you need to repeat this exercise exactly starting at 11:00 AM and end at 12:00 PM (Morning) by repeating it every 10 mins. Yes, you need to tweet similarly every ten minutes. More instructions will be provided by respective admins of the Ponzi Victims group of Both Ambident and Heera Gold.

Tweet for #IndiaAgainstPonzi and #FightForPonziMoneyBack and let the government here our voice. All Readers are requested to please forward this message to at least 10 People in your network and tell then to repeat.

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