Final threat comes from the environment after the Sonsoddo Fire incident

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Finally deputy CM Vijai Sardesai agreed with locals demand that only segregated waste should land at Sonsoddo. Sardesai stated that the fire incident was a result of negligence and neglects. After Municipal solid waste management rules making segregation of waste at source mandatory came in force they were working on a collaboration agreement with Fomento (the solid waste management plant).

Sardesai said that the concession agreement signed between Fomento and MMC in November 2011 spoke about mixed waste. Simultaneously started looking for a long term solution through the proper process. But the termination of agreement with Fomento made this consequences. Sardesai said, pending dues of Fomento would be taken as first priority. The pending dues figures show interest over interest, but will be settled with the spirit of Goenkarponn and not as a corporate way.

When major fire broke out at the garbage dump near the solid waste management plant at Sonsoddo, creating panic situation among residents of that area. Though fire brigade personnel succeeded in bringing the fire under control after several hours still the threats still exists. Methane gas still lies beneath the dump that has now been capped with mud. It creates a bad environment to the residents. The incident is eye opener for everyone.

“This is entirely due to the mismanagement of the garbage dump. The fire is caused on account of the highly inflammable methane gas that gets trapped in the waste dump. This is a pointer to the inefficiency of the waste management operation at Sonsoddo,” Shinkre told TOI.

Significantly, the fire services department had suggested a safety measures to be put in place at the site while the plant was being set up. Further, to prevent rapid spread of fire, it was suggested that small quantity of garbage be prepared, instead of one single huge quantity with spacing of at least 3m between each. The quantity could then be covered with tarpaulin after making necessary arrangements for drainage.

It is true that measures should be taken by the Government but more important about the current action which leads to safe of residents. 

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