IMA Fraud Case: The Jewel Thief in the name Halal Investment, Mansoor Khan is Arrested


IMA’s kingpin Mansoor Khan had systematically used the media and social media to ensure rapid growth to his Ponzi scheme. It’s not just Karnataka but people from different parts of the country rushed their investments through Online Transfers as the strong advertisements of IMA were circulated backed by several prominent Moulanas.


SIASAT DAILY: IMA acquired the Bengaluru Edition of the Hyderabad’s highly acclaimed print publication from suspended Congress MLA Roshan Baig for just running purposes so that he may utilize it to cheat people more efficiently and effectively. Siasat published plenty of advertisements demonstrating IMA Jewels, IMA Front Line Pharmacy Outlets, IMA Builders, IMA Bullion Trading, etc. to garner investments like that of speeding light. It is to be noted that the scamster Mansoor Khan ran it for just 1.5 years and that the future of the prominent dialy by Roshan Baig as he has been running it for about 2 decades.

IMA had unofficially owned this YouTube Channel which is run by a Moulvi who hails from Bhakta. The intelligent Moulvi Ansar Azeez Nadvi who is a student of controversial cleric Maulana Salman Nadvi ran relentless propaganda to ensure the reach of IMA & Mansoor Khan’s illegal and Ponzi scheme to countless through YouTube and Facebook. Maulana Ansar Azeez Nadvi used all his anchoring skills religious hypocritical tricks to deceive and mislead the gullible investors.

The Seedhi Baat TV is YouTube Channel office is housed at Frazer Town to which Mansoor Khan used to pay Rs. 2 lakh a month to meet the expenditure of the furnished building and salary of the Moulvi.

Maulana Ansar Azeez Nadvi published series of videos on YouTube defending IMA and Mansoor Khan’s Ponzi scheme whenever there were any voices raised against, like the Maulana used his evil preaching style to condemn the Power TV when the satellite channel aired objections to the IMA’s Ponzi scheme. Maulana Ansar Azeez Nadvi’s YouTube Channel is popular among Jamiat ul Ulema e Hind and his videos spread across moulvis of Qasmi and Nadvi. He used his public relations to get prominent Moulanas of Bengaluru including Maulana Maqsood Imran of City Jamia Masjid who praised Mansoor Khan as if the person is a ‘Wali’ during an interview with Moulvi Ansar Azeea Nadvi and had once given a statement in Siasat Daily saying ‘IMA ki Buniyadein Mustahkam Hyn’.

Ansar Azeez Nadvi is also said to protect corrupt Ulema who are associated with Jamiat Ulema e Hind. If his videos are tracked down, he ran dubious theories in his YouTube channel to protect Moulvi Mufti Shamsuddin Bijli who has illegally taken possession of a Qabristan/Graveyard in Nagwar and has constructed commercial complex.

Seedhi Baat TV YouTube Channel very intelligently refrained from publishing any news item regarding the blasphemous case in which a staff Suvarna TV had passed highly objectionable comments over the Prophet of Islam PBUH. Moulana Ansar Azeez Nadvi who sits inside his office, composes his news item Seedhi Baat & Daily news by copy-pasting news items from different sources, addresses a lot of issues pertaining to Muslims but Moulana Ansar Azeez Nadvi has not addressed this case of blasphemy. This demonstrates the height of hypocrisy he practices in his life. The abstinence from publishing any story on the case of blasphemy has definitely something to do with IMA. Suvarna TV was one of the closest client of IMA as the fraudulent company used to give huge advertisements to the channel to attract investors from Non-Muslims.

Ansar Azeez Nadvi enjoys IMA funded luxurious apartment: IMA has given a plush luxurious apartment absolutely free of cost to Ansar Azeez Nadvi wherein he lives. The apartment is in Williams Town, near Frazer Town for a number of years.

Now that Maulana Ansar Azeez Nadvi of Seedhi Baat TV is trying to find a Sponsor who can fund his devil brain child Seedhi Baat TV and so that he may continue to be a slave of and propagate a new business of the prospective sponsor. For some days now he has started praising politicians to grab their attention towards his charming gimmicks which he throws using his anchoring skills to deceive and mislead YouTube channel viewers.

Erstwhile it was owned by Moulvi Umar Sharif Wahabi, who promoted IMA like that of an RBI entity. He published videos on his YouTube Channel IMB to legalize the IMA business and hold it as a business of high standard. Now that the Moulvi Umar Sharif is cooling his heels in police custody for propagating IMA’s Ponzi scam which cheated thousands of investors of multiple-crores of rupees. For the purpose, Umar Sharif was paid a whopping amount of Rs. 60 lakhs, a number of buses for his Al-Basheer Int’l School and much more.
Later Umar Sharif handed over the YouTube Channel IMB to Farhan Hooda and the IMB was merged with a notorious and so called fake/low profile journalist Rizwan Asad’s Nasheman.

Now that the IMB & Nasheman together continue to hold interviews of several Ulema who had not only promoted the IMA’s Ponzi Scam by their messages from the Mimbar of Masjids but also strengthened it.

8A (8 Angels): Another YouTube Channel which Maulana Umar Sharif Wahhabi started after moving out from IMB YouTube Channel. Using this platform Umar Sharif propagated his falsehood and made desperate attempts to justify the IMA’s business concept that it is NOT a Ponzi scheme and that it is completely LEGAL.

Maulana Umar Sharif has made a remarkable discovery, probably after Nehru, its only Umar Sharif who gave people an enlightening knowledge about IMA and its business concept.

The Reserve Bank of India termed IMA’s concept a Ponzi Scheme, the Government of Karnataka in its multiple public notices stated the business concept of IMA as “ILLEGAL” but Maulana Umar Shariff ascertained with unimaginable mathematical calculations that the IMA’s business concept is NOT a Ponzi Scheme and also Legal.

Note: The points furnished herein are all available in public domain and on internet. Bhakts of #IMAFraud may google out and peep in to get evidences of. Another short write-up will enlighten the people as how the main stream media channels like NEWS 18 Urdu, Zee Salam Urdu, Suvarna TV News, etc. played their roles and how the media persons of these were paid by a DON-Lady who used to look after IMA’s Media & PR Agent to promote, propagate and strengthen the IMA influencing gullible Muslims to invest in to the Ponzi scheme.


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