A new Political party “Karnataka Rashtra Samithi” (KRS) Launching on 10th August 2019

Below is the WhatsApp Message getting Viral but before voting any party we need Refund.


This message is not directly related to Ponzi-Companies, but related to the people who are fighting for Ponzi-Victims. For now they need your help and good wishes.

As you are aware that the whole Ponzi-Scam seems to be involving highly influential politicians, Ministers, Police Officials, Revenue Officials and of course the Crooks, whose names we are all familiar with. By now you would have come to know that your hard-earned money was looted by a few Crooks, who used religious overtures and won your confidence, into investing in “Halal Income”. However, when the Scam over Scam was exposed, the names of who is who of Govt Machinery were accused, either directly or indirectly.

As I have been telling, “the Looters are no more the ones you gave your money to, but those who took away bribes or protection money from the Crooks”. Now that the Crooks are either behind bars or on bail, we still don’t have money because the other looters are not parting with our money.

There are many more vultures looking for more scams, by delaying the Refund process and tiring you into either forgetting you investments or settle for fraction of your investments. A few of the people involved in processing your refund process are the ones dealing with crooks and delaying the whole process, citing flimsy reasons.

As I have been saying, that the whole scam looks like a “State Sponsored Scam” and anyone would believe it looking at the pace of investigation, the amount of seizure and delay in selling properties and giving Refund.

You may also remember that none of the JCB parties have come forward to help you, even after we ran the “Pehle Refund, Phir Vote” campaign. We all agree that most leaders are interchangeable within JCB parties, as the drama unfolded, while the Coalition Govt fell and BJP Govt came to power. The MLAs come in standard shapes and sized and fit in any party, without bothering about Ideology of the three parties.

We need a new set of people, who run the Govt and ensure that the existing machinery is repaired to give better service to the Citizens of Karnataka. We need people who have been fighting for the rights of the people and are exposed to not only the corrupt system, but also have experience in fighting them.

There is Good News!

A new Party, “Karnataka Rashtra Samithi” (KRS) is being launched tomorrow 10 August, morning at Dhanajaya Palace, Kamakshipalya, Magadi Road, at 10.30am. The Inauguration of this new Political Party will be done by none other than Karnataka’s most famous Freedom fighter Mr. HS Doreswamy, Highly effective and most respected Activist Mr SR Hiremath and Supreme Court Lawyer Mr Dhanajay.

The person heading the KRS is none other than LanchaMukta Karnataka President Mr Ravi Krishna Reddy, who was the one who started our fight for Ponzi-Victims by “Going Hungry” during the “Hunger Strike” at Mourya Circle. The other people who have been helping us in the background with ideas and guidance are Mr Deepak, Mr Raghupathy and Mr Manjunath. We wouldn’t have reached here without their knowledge and support.

Requesting Victims of All Ponzi Company, to join us tomorrow at the Inauguration of a Brand New party, that is not only promising to work for people, but has been working for you for past 5+ years.

I know that you may be busy with Festival works, but this is Pay-back time and expect you to find a few hours tomorrow morning to come and say thanks to those who have been helping you for the past 8 months and encourage them to help many more people like you.

I don’t have political ambitions, but will still be there from 10.30am onwards to say thanks & good Luck to them and expect you to turn up in large number and do the same.

Hope you guys won’t disappoint us!

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