IMA Fraud Case: Asserts Seized by Competent Authority Worth only 600 Crores

IMA assets seized by competent authority as published in newspapers
Property value : Rs. 350,44,91,376
gold and silver : Rs. 66,52,95,826
vehicles : Rs. 1,20,00,000
PMGKDS : Rs. 11,06,23,000
Bank A/c : Rs. 79,08774
TOTAL : Rs. 4,30,03,18,976

IMA assets seized by Enforcement directorate
Rs. 209.97 Crores

Total assets of IMA Seized by government: Rs. 4,30,03,18,976 + Rs. 209.97
Rs.6,40,00,18,976 Crores, {six hundred forty cores and eighteen thousand nine seventy-six}

Total amount of scam according to CBI 1400 crores

So approximately 45% of IMA investors money is recovered,

Remaining Rs.760 crores of IMA Investors money is yet to be recovered from Mansoor khan and his friend, corrupt politicians and government officials,

NOTE: ALL DATA USED IN THIS IS PUBLISHED IN NEWSPAPER’S, and assuming assets seized by enforcement directorate and competent authority are not the same.

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