Indian Muslims Need Not Panic on NRC, National Register of Citizens

Born between 26 Jan1950 to 1 July 1987 Every boy / girl born in India is an Indian.

Between 1 July 1987 to December 2003. Any boy or girl born in India and any of his mother or father is Indian will get Indian citizenship.
Sec_03_The_Indian_Citizenship_Act_1955 (Amendment)

From 2004_till_today Any boy or girl born in India who is either mother and father both_Indian or neither is not an Illegal_Immigrants (illegally intruder) shall be considered as Indian (Sec_03_The_Indian_Citizenship_Act_1955)

According to this, we do not have to be afraid of #NRC. Muslims should not be afraid of this. But Prepare your own papers.
Census or meridian or any door to door survey

All the Muslim sisters and brothers are requested to fill all the details very carefully. Write ‘Islam’ in the religion column and ‘Muslim’ in the community column. Do not add anything else – such as Shia, Sunni, Ahle Hadith Tablig Jamaat, Jamaat e Islamic etcetera.

Send this message to all Muslim sisters and brothers. Make sure to know about your homes, nearby neighborhood and all those who know that during the census, write ‘Islam’ in the column of religion, do not write ‘Muslim’. Do not write the names of any class such as Sunni, Shia, Jamaat etc.

Do not depend on any officer or employee to fill any form. Fill your name and the rest of the details by yourself or with someone you trust, as it may be that the spelling gets messed up when someone else fills it. Keep in mind that while filling the details, only use a ball pen. No pencil, gel pen or any other pen because the writing written on them can be erased.

Forward this message to all your Muslim sisters and brothers.

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