The Only App Based Vegetable Vendor in Goa “Sabziwala” Doing Great Community Service

My Heroes….
I happened to venture out last night due to some medical emergency. After buying the medicine, I saw a vegetable shop with its lights on and people inside. Upon close observation I discovered, the shop was store for “Sabziwala” – and app-based vegetable vendor, probably the only shop promising Cash on Delivery of vegetables in Goa. I was intrigued, because I was waiting for a home delivery from Sabziwala which didn’t come yesterday. There was a sign outside” We are Closed”. Unfazed, I decided to ask them if they’re open.
I knocked and the lady answered we are closed sir. I was about to leave when the eldest member of the group realised that I was an Government officer. He welcomed me inside, offered me a chair and said, “Sir we are closed but not for you or for that matter any doctor, medical staff, police, paramilitary, defense or anyone working at this time of need”.
As I waited for my order, I observed the family of 5 – father, mother, two young adults and a teen – were hard at work, trying to pack around 400 pending orders to the best of their abilities.
It was a small shop filled to the brim and they were trying their best to deliver the maximum. (you can see the photo I clicked while the eldest member was weighing and the youngest was helping searching my items)

While working, they told me that their supply chain vehicle is facing a lot of problems. The vehicle got delayed but the orders kept pouring in. They were supposed to close by 8pm but the demands of the masses didn’t let them rest. Night was still young for them. They had two small weighing scale but so many orders that they were not able to do much. Probably they never would have thought of such contingency to buy a bigger weighing scale.

At this time of fear, despair and uncertainty this family is doing all they could just to help the community. While interacting with them, I could see their absolute resolve to serve, their passion to help and their humility. They were attending to all the possible calls, one of the members had not slept for past 36 hours. He kept going outside to wash his face. Such true spirits.

At one point, there was a phone call from a society. The lady and one of the boys got into action. They immediately loaded a car (their personal vehicle) with some 20- 30 baskets full with vegetables and left to deliver it at 11:00 at night.
I felt I was sitting with pious souls. At this time when the entire world is dead scared of COVID-19, this family was trying to help the society without asking for an appreciation. They are charging reasonable rates for vegetables and no delivery charge.
They have passes but there is always an uncertainty of the unknown. The streets are deserted and eerie. After I was done, I requested the three for a photograph so that I could spread the word about the kind of work “Sabziwalla” is doing under such tough circumstances.
I asked the eldest of them if he was open to having volunteers come and help him organise the delivery, his shop, packing his orders etc. He was more than happy to have volunteers over, his only reservation being they shouldn’t try to cheat him.
So, I am posting this live incidence with pictures I clicked for you to decide if you want to help. I will be playing my part sooner or later but as a society I feel by proper planning and support you can do your bit in whatever way possible.

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