Government’s Online Land Record System of Maharashtra

MAHABhulekh (i.e. Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh) – a land record website of Maharashtra state (India) that provides 7/12 extract and 8A extract online to citizens. 

Departmental officer Jamabandi Commissioner and Director of Land Records (Maharashtra State, Pune). Land – Archives – Computerization. Annual Training Program. Now you can easily search your Mahabhulekh and Land Records online with the help of Vibhag District, Taluhka, Village ,Survey Number / Group Number Akshari Survey Number / Group Number. In 2008, the government launched the Digital India Land Record Modernization Programme (DILRMP), previously known as the National Land Record Modernization Programme (NLRMP).

it is a document that is an extract of the land records from the books of the Revenue Department of the Government. It contains relevant information like the land survey number, the area of land, details of ownership like name, date of registration, type of land, encumbrances and encroachments, and much more. .  Just like any other property document, 7/12 is quite useful in several aspects. First of all, it helps you check the exact location of the property. You also get to know of all the activities that have been carried out on the land, like farming or cultivation

Mahabhulekh 7/12 उतारा आणि 8A आँँनलाइन कसे पहावे?  (Procedure to check SatBara Utara and 8A Details on Mahabhulekh/Bhulekh Mahabhumi Abhilekh Portal).  Step 1 – Official Site/Portal अधिकृत वेबसाइट/पोटॆल वर जा. You can’t use without signed 7/12 for any official purpose. If you want to use it then you need to take signature and stamp on it from Talathi.  

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