IMA Investors Will Start Getting Refund by 15th March 2021

  1. KarnatakaClaims submission process is closed on 3rd January 2021. Those who have missed the submission of online claims may submit their application to the office of Competent Authority, who will in turn bring it to the notice of Court for suitable orders on such left out cases.
  2. KarnatakaThe Competent Authority has taken up transfer of rupee 1/- to the bank account of those  claimants who had filed their online claim applications through Aadhaar based authentication, with a view to verify their bank accounts. Transfer of rupee 1/- is not required for those claimants who had filed applications through UTR number based authentication after transferring rupee 1/- to the bank account of the Competent Authority.
  3. KarnatakaThe Competent Authority has taken up verification of claimants details and exempted those claimants from requirement of e-attestation whose details are successfully verified.
  4. KarnatakaA new feature for iris (eye scan) based Aadhaar authentication is available for those facing difficulty in thumb/finger scan based Aadhaar authentication.
  5. The  Special Court has permitted  settlement of claims of IMA depositors in the following manner:
    1. Maximum of Rs.  50,000/- would be transferred to all the eligible claimants, limiting the amount to their actual eligible amount.
    2. The eligible amount payable to the eligible claimants is  calculated after adjusting the payouts or profits received by them from their respective  principal amounts.  
    3. The claimants who had filed the on-line claim application either through  Aadhaar OTP  authentication or through  UTR  number authentication  for transfer of Re.1/- from their  non IMA Bank Account would be eligible to receive the amount only after completion of additional authentication either through Aadhaar Biometric authentication or through UTR number authentication  for transfer of Re.1/- from their IMA Bank Account. 
    4. The additional authentication through above mentioned  methods can be done on-line at the website or  at any of the Government run service kiosks like  Bangalore One, Karnataka One, CSC etc.  i.e. at all those places where  the on-line application  was filed.
    5. In case, an applicant does not have  Aadhaar number or  does not have an operational IMA Bank Account for completing additional authentication, that applicant  can visit the office of the Competent Authority with  identification documents like Passport, Driving Licence, PAN card, EPIC Card, Bank Pass Book with photograph etc.
    6. The claim settlement upto Rs. 50,000/- is being done as an initial settlement.   Further amount would be transferred as per the orders of the Court as and when more amount becomes available with the Competent Authority after confirmation of attachment of IMA properties by the Court and sale of the same.
    7. The claim settlement up to Rs.50,000/-  is being done starting from the depositors  having the least  eligible amounts to be paid.   However, all the eligible claimants would not be paid the amount simultaneously.    The payments would be made to depositors who can be covered with the amount available with the Competent Authority and remaining depositors would be paid the amounts as and when more money becomes available with the Competent Authority.
  6. The eligible claimants who receive the amount would also receive a message on their mobile phone regarding the date and amount of money transferred to their Bank Accounts.
  7. The applicants can check the status of their claim verification and payment on the website by clicking on the menu button “on-line claim information’’ and thereafter selecting ‘’know your claim status’’.
  8. The claimants, who are required to complete some pending tasks like completing additional authentication, providing correct Bank Accounts or completing e-attestation, as informed at the        above mentioned link in the website, are requested to complete the same.
  9. There are no deadlines or last dates for completion of any of the pending tasks mentioned above.   However, the eligible amounts will not be transferred to them till the pending tasks are completed.
  10. KarnatakaOut of about Rs.475 crores worth of properties provisionally attached till now by the Government, Special Court has confirmed attachment of properties worth about
    Rs.10 crores till date that is end of February 2021.
  11. For any other queries, please contact the Call Centre 080-46885959 or send an email to

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