Writing A letter To Special Court & IMA Competent Authority.

Smt.Manjulla Itty, B.A.L, LLB, XXI Addl.City Civil & Sessions Judge and Prl.Spl.Judge for CBI cases, Bengaluru. City Civil Court, Behind Cauvery Bhavan, K.G.Road,Bengaluru, 56009

Subject : Regarding IMA Fraud Case SPL.C/1055/2019, SPL.C/1088/2019 & Several Other Misc Cases Including 689/2019

Honorable Judge,

I “……………………………………………….” An Indian Resident and Investor of Companies Floated By “MOHAMMED MANSOOR KHAN” Here in After Refered as “IMAGroup CEO” Would like to Seek Justice in Favor of We Poor Guidable Depositors in the said above company where The IMA Group CEO is Alleged to Have Cheated us by Collecting Money in the Name of “Halal Investment” with a Promise to Run a Business on our Behalf and Give Huge Profits.

As Stated in The Above Paragraph, Mr.Mohammed Mansoor Khan Has Failed to Run The Business in A genuine Way and Alleged to have Cheated us by Faking Profits Deposits from Our Money Deposited Every Month Between 3-4% of Our Investment in Order to Gain Trust from the New Investors.

Now That We realize that He has Failed to even Return our Original Investment which was the only Source for almost 90% of Investors in IMA like us For Our Daily Life. We Seek Mercy on us and Request you to Kindly order “The Special Officer For IMA Competent Authority” to kindly start liquidation of the Properties Already Seized by The Government of Karnataka”

We almost 90% of The Investors of IMA or Illiterates, Even This said letter is Been Drafted by a Social Worker on Behalf us and read Before us Have no Money to Run Pillar to Pillar and spend Legal Fees to Fight for Our Refund of Investment Money. We have Complete Faith on Both Honorable Special Court & The Special Officer For IMA Competent Authority Appointed by the Government of Karnataka for the said Purpose.

Hence, We Request you to let us not Loose hope in Delivering Justice.

Thanking You,

A Citizen of India


C.C : Office of the Special Officer and Competent Authority
2nd Floor, BMTC Complex,
Shantinagar, Bengaluru.

The Times Of India
S & B Towers, First Floor, MG Road,
Bangalore – 560001

Download IMA Letter To Special Court & IMA Competent Authority Here

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